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Can you do a PTV preference of what sexy outfit he likes to see you in?
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Yes!! I’ll get this and the OM&M one done tomorrow. I got side tracked!!!


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Afiya I think you should definitely do an "epilogue" as you suggested it for "Meant to be", I loved this story !! Thanks :)
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I definitely will :) I had a lot of fun writing meant to be and this epilogue is gonna be perfect :)

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Can you do an om&m preference ? What he gives you for your anniversary ^.^
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Yes girl! I will post this in like 5 minutes. Just gotta go on my computer.


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Request: Nope

A/N: Just a thought. It’s gonna be long and technically it’s illegal but it’s true love! (My frozen quote of the day)


i think that was the best vic fuentes fanfic i’ve ever read!!

and i cant believe you mentioned Green Day and BVB and ATL and Queen!!

oh god! i love you alexis!!!

Oh my god…. Thank you so fucking much. That’s the best thing anybody has ever said to me!!!!


Request: Nope

A/N: Just a thought. It’s gonna be long and technically it’s illegal but it’s true love! (My frozen quote of the day)

-Vic’s POV-

"Hey Vic, we’re going to go explore. Jack and Rian are gonna take us to a place called Hampden, wanna go?" Mike asks me. I get up and grab my phone and wallet. "Sounds great." I smile at him

We head out of the bus and hail down a minivan cab and head in. Jack gave the guys a location and he took us their and the driver drove for about 20 minutes before letting us out in front of a huge building called The Rotunda.

Rian led us down to 36th street or know as “The Avenue” by the locals. We had crossed the street from a RiteAid and I can across a little record store under a row home.

"What’s this?" I ask Jack and Rian. Jack looked at the store front and frowned. "Not sure… It use to be a place that sold ‘special movies’. I guess they made it into a record store." Rian explained. "Let’s go inside!" Jack exclaimed.

We walked down the few steps and into the store. Everything was covered in old classic rock posters and memorabilia. The place was mostly plastic boxes painted with different designs, filled with classic rock, punk rock and metal vinyls, still in the sleeves. They had CDs as well but mostly vinyls. I looked around and found a section of fairly new music.

That section had everything from Green Day to Black Veil Brides. They even had us and All Time Low. I walked around the store trying to find an employee. After a few minutes of walking around the small store I came up empty. I was flipping through some old Queen records, seeing if they had any I didn’t when I heard the guys walk up to me. “Vic, we’re heading down the street. You staying?” I nod and continue looking. I finally found one I didn’t have and pulled it out.

"Nice choice." I heard a soft voice call. I turn around to see a girl my height with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. Underneath her hair was magenta fading into turquoise. She wasn’t super thin. She was curvy and had an hourglass figure.

"Thanks. Anyway I could buy it and get your number?" I couldn’t stop the words from leaving my mouth. She smiled and grabbed the record from me. "Sure. Come up to the counter."

We walked up to the counter and she rung up my record and wrote her number on a sticky note. “Have a good day.” She smiles at me. I walked out of the store and went my own way.

That night I called her, not knowing anything about her. “Hello?” She questions. “Hey! It’s the guy from the record store.” I softly spoke. “Hey Vic.” I cocked my eyebrows. “How do you know my name?” I ask. “Your band is playing at power plant live, correct?”

"Oh, yeah. So you know us." I chuckle. "Course. I’m y/n." I smile at my progress. "How old are you?" I ask. "16. I’ll be 17 in (your birth month)."

-4 months later-

I heard my Skype app start ringing on my laptop. I look at the clock and see it’s 12:36 pm, way too late for y/n to be up. I tap the icon and y/n’s face pops up.

"Y/n! Why are you up so late?" I ask. "It’s not that late!" She yawns. "Y/n, it’s past midnight here. It’s nearing 4 am for you." I tell her. "But you don’t get home from the studio until midnight." She whines.

"Wait, you stayed up and waited for me?" I ask, feeling my heart rate increase. "Of course! You’re worth it." She smiles. "Well, in honor of your 17th birthday…." I put a plane ticket up to my face. "You’re coming here?" She questions. "Nope. You’re coming to San Diego." Her eyes got wide and she smiled. "Really! Oh my god! But what if my folks say no? Where would I stay and what would I pack? When is it?"

"Y/N?!" I chuckle. "Calm down. I talked to your mom, she said yes. You’re staying with me and Mike for a week and a half. You’re coming for spring break (Sorry if your DOB isn’t near April). Pack spring and summer clothes, plenty of bathing suits, flip flops. Calm down girl." I explain.

"But Vic! Spring break is in a week! I don’t even have the ticket…"
“Your mom has it. This is your ticket home goofball.” She smiles and sighs. “Oh, okay.” She leans back in her bean bag chair and sighs. “I love you man!” She squeals.

I hear a knocking and moments later y/n’s mom walks in her room. “Hey y/m/n!” I greet. “Hi Vic, y/n, I’ll give you the ticket later, just go to sleep. I can hear you from the second floor and you’re in the damn basement.” Her mother whines. “Sorry momma. I’ll be quiet.” Y/n whispers. “No, you’ll go to bed. Kiss Vic goodnight, you have to get up in 6 hours. Oh and by the way! You get to help your sister on her school work since she’s a freshman!” And with that her mother went upstairs.

"You start school at 9?" I question. Y/n shakes her head. "No, my sister and I are home schooled. It’s easier then public high school. We work at our own paces and I do mine in my pjs." She smiles at me. "Would you be mad if I went to bed? I’m really tired." I question. "Course not Vic. Nighty night nutcracker." She yawns. "Goodnight sugar plum."

-Your POV-

In just 2 hours I leave to board a plane at BWI to LAX. I grab my big suitcase with my sugar skulls all over it and my matching mini one. I grab a few skinnies, at least 6 tee shirts, bras and underwear, bikinis and tankinis. Shorts, crop tops, tons of shoes and socks and pack them in my large suitcase.

I put my everyday make up, hair stuff, shower stuff, my glasses, contacts, sunglasses and jewelry in my small suitcase along with my wallet that has my bank card, license, state ID and change, my Laptop, iPad, iHome and all their chargers. I’m my turtle shell back pack is my phone, earbuds, headphones, and my ticket.

"Y/n? Are you packed? We have to leave like… now." My mother calls down the stairs. "Coming!" I scan my room to make sure I have everything and I drag my shit up the stairs and outside.

"Alright baby girl. I love you! Be safe and have fun. If anybody hurts you, tell me and I’ll kick some asses." My mom says as she hugs me. I give her a quick kiss before boarding the plane. I find my seat and pull my ear buds out, softly playing some Civil Twilight.

After about five hours we finally land and I send Vic a quick text telling him we’ve landed. He quickly responds saying he’s waiting my luggage claim. After about 15 minutes I finally exit the plane and into the airport once again. I walk over to luggage claim to see Vic standing there, with my luggage next to him.

His face lights up when he spots me and I quickly walk over to him and into his arms, taking in his scent. “Oh, I’ve missed you.” Vic whispers. “I’ve missed you, too!” I quickly say back. Vic grabs my hand and laces our fingers. I takes the handle on my big suitcase as I do to my little one and he pulls me out of the airport and towards his car.

We load my shit into his trunk and climb into the driver and passengers seat and take off towards his house. “So how have you been?” Vic asked me. “Good. How’s recording?” I ask. “It’s good. Just so you know, I’ll be at the studio for a few days. I’m off today, tomorrow and next weekend. But this week I’m in the studio. You can come if you want but if not just chill at home.”

I nod my head and look out the window, looking at the beaches. The water and sand sparkled in the morning sun. We pulled up to Vic’s house and he led me inside and up to “my room”. Vic set my things on the bed. “I’ll let you get settled. Come downstairs when your ready. Showers that way.” He points to a door in the room. “And that’s the closet.” He points to the other door.

"Thanks." I smile, grab my shower things and walk into the bathroom, turning the water on and stripped myself of my sweat pants and tank top and under garments. I step in the shower and let the warm water run over me. I wash my body and hair and step out of the shower. I wrapped a fluffy towel around my body and walk into my room.

I put my glasses on and dug through my suitcase until I found a bra and panty set. I dropped my towel and pulled my panties on then my bra and began unpacking my clothes. I put my shirts and crop tops in a drawer, skinnies and shorts in one, socks, panties and bras in another and placed all my make-up and hair shit on top, neatly.

I heard a soft knock on my door. “It’s open.” I mumble, fishing through the drawers to find a shirt. “Oh shit, sorry.” Vic mumbles, closing his eyes. “Vic, I’m like 99% sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a girl in her bra and panties.” Vic opened his eyes and blushed a deep red. “Yeah, but they’ve never looked this good.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”

I pulled a crop top out and a pair of shorts. “How does this look?” I ask, tilting my head to the left. “I like it. Now hurry up! We’re gonna meet up with Tony and Jaime and Jaime’s girlfriend. We’re going to go out to lunch at a local Mexican joint.”

"Sounds amazing." I smiled goofily. I pulled on my shorts and put on my crop top. "Sandals or vans?" I ask, looking up at Vic. "Um… I’d go with vans. We’re gonna go to the boardwalk later." I grabbed a pair of blue socks that matched my shirt and put them on, followed by my all black vans.

I grabbed my cell phone that had oddly been charging and my wallet and shoving them in my pockets. I look at the mirror attached to the dresser and quickly put a ring of black eyeliner around my waterline, so mascara and Chapstick. I towel dried my hair and did a quick straighten. I carefully put my contacts in and grabbed my vans all black sunglasses.

I walked downstairs and see Vic and Mike talking to each other. “Um, I’m ready guys.” I gently call. “Looking good.” Mike commented. I grinned and we headed out to the car.

All week Vic had been at the studio and I found it kinda cool he could work 12 hour days. I could barely stand 8 hour days. Tomorrow Vic said he was going to take me to Disneyland. Just us. I thought it was nice because I had never been.

I got up from the couch in the living room and made my way upstairs to my room and changed from my skinny jeans and tank top to a pair of Vic’s sweat pants and one of Tony’s tank tops he gave me. As far as I know the guys really enjoy having me around. Other than Vic I like Mike the best. I want to learn drums so bad and every chance Mike gets he sits me a down in the studio and teaches me. Mike is also my Harry Potter buddy, seeing as we share that common interest.

I walked back to the living room and put on my Civil Twilight playlist. I placed my phone on my iHome and laid down on the couch, relaxing.

-Vic’s POV-

It was nearing 1am before Mike and I got home. When we walked in Mike went straight to bed. I saw y/n sleeping on the couch and walked over to her. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to her room. She cuddled into my body as I walked up the stairs, stirring in her sleep. I laid her on her bed and covered her with her comforter. I leaned down and for some reason my brain skipped her forehead and I pressed my lips to her. Just a quick peck but I felt sparks. And as cliché as that sounds, it’s true.

"Vic?" I heard Mike call from y/n’s doorway. I shot up and turned around to see Mike walking towards us. I brushed y/n’s bangs out of her face and looked at her. She had her septum and Monroe pierced and the silver shined in the moonlight. "You really like her, don’t you?" Mike asked. I nodded and kissed her again. "I really do. And I know it’s so wrong but I can’t help it. No girl has ever made me feel this way. Not even Cara." Mike sat next to me and patted my shoulder. "Age shouldn’t matter. If you love her, go for it."

-Your POV-

Disney was amazing! Vic and I went on all the rides and ate junk and just hung out all day. We pull up in the driveway to see Mikes car gone. “Mikes out with Alysha.” Vic chirps. I smile and head inside, my bags in hand. We head inside and drop our bags on the couch, making our way into the kitchen to find dinner. Vic and I goofed off while making tacos, since it seemed simple and easy. All throughout dinner Vic seemed off. He was quiet and sorta just listened to my big mouth talk. After a while I went quiet as well.

"Vic? Is something wrong?" I question as we walked upstairs to get ready for bed. "Hm? Just thinking… That’s all." Vic shuffled down the hall with me. "Tell me Vic." I sorta demand. Vic pulled me into my room and pushed me against the wall. He softly pressed his lips to mine and I slightly gasped. "Vic." I say after pulling away. "I-I’ve never kissed anyone before." I mumble. Vic cracks a smile. "That’s okay… I’ll teach you." Vic presses his lips to mine again and slowly moves them. I copy his moves and within minutes I feel his tongue drag across my bottom lip.

Instinctually I slightly part my lips and feel Vic’s tongue slide into my mouth, rubbing against mine. I do the same and feel my face get hot as Vic trails his hands down to my hips. I wrap mine around the back of his neck and slowly push off from the wall and over to the bed. The back of Vic’s knees hit the bed and he fell back, me on top.

I pulled away from Vic and sat up, feeling slightly flustered. Vic cupped my face and kissed me again. “I love you, y/n.” Vic whispers. My eyes go a little wide but soften as realization sets in. “I’m young. I don’t really know what love is but I know that no guy has ever made me feel this way.” I respond.

"Vic? How would this work? I’m only a junior in high school and you’re always touring." I question as we cuddle on his bed. "Move in with me. We don’t have to share a room but move to San Diego. Your folks can always visit, you already do school online, you can continue that here! Move this summer! You can legally do that at 17." I smile and kiss Vic’s chest. "I’ll consider it. I have to call my mom tho."

“Alright… That’s everything! Make sure you stay safe, go to college, be smart, graduate don’t get pregnant, don’t get married until you graduate, be happy and be healthy. Let me know when you can fly here or I can fly out, visit aunt Leslie and uncle Mark when you can. I love you!” I hug my mom and kiss her. She shipped most my things to Vic’s place. It’s mostly clothes and shoes. I packed a few valuables. I boarded the plane once again, headed to San Diego.

-5 years later-

"Hey baby." Vic mumbled, hugging me from behind. Vic had just gotten back from a band meeting, considering that they’re going on a 4 month tour in a few weeks, which is nothing new. He kissed my neck and watched as I made dinner. "Mm, tacos." I giggled at Vic and turned my head to kiss him quickly. I heard the faint crying of our daughter, who as of today is 3 months old. I know I’m young but I love Vic and he wanted a little family.

"I’ve got her." Vic whispered and squeezed my hips before removing himself and heading into the study where I had a bassinet set up. I was working on some new designs for a house I’m working on when Violet started crying so I placed her in her bassinet by the desk.

-Vic’s POV-

I walked to the study and saw Violet in her baby bassinet. I carefully picked her up and cradled her in my arms. Her cries came down to mere whimpers as I took her into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle out of the fridge. Y/n didn’t breast feed so that made it easier for me. I put the bottle up to Vi’s mouth and she leaned up and wrapped her tiny pink lips, matching my own, around the nipple and before sucking the formula out.

Violet was a strange little baby, wouldn’t drink her formula warm. It had to be cold or room temperature. Once she was finished I put the bottle in the sink and burped her. After that I just held Violet to my chest as y/n made dinner. I’m so grateful for y/n. She loves me for more than my job and my money. She blessed me with a beautiful baby girl and she understands my career and knows that I love her and Violet to death.

Y/n turned off the stove and began putting the different items out on the table. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. “Here you go momma.” I say handing Vi to her. I bring Vi’s highchair up to the table and y/n placed her in it. Y/n sat at the table while I got Violets baby food. I let y/n eat while I fed my daughter, making silly noises as I did so.

After dinner y/n took Violet upstairs to her nursery and I cleaned up dinner, washing the plates off and placing them in the dishwasher. I walked upstairs to Violet nursery, which use to be y/n’s room. Mike and Alysha have the master room on the first floor. Y/n was cradling Violet, singing Spanish lullabies to her, gently rocking her to sleep. Once Violet was asleep, y/n put her in her crib and turned towards me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I snaked mine around her waist and lovingly pressed my lips to hers. I pulled her into our bedroom and gently pushed her on the bed, hovering over her. I placed soft kisses on her neck as she ran her hands through my hair. “I love you.” I whisper to her. She smiles and leans up, pushing her lips to mine.

"I love you too. Forever and always."


I got bored and wrote this

heey!!! can you do one about Justin trotta? (tech for Of Mice & Men) justin after returning from the tour with OMAM he teaches y/n to play guitar! *__* please

Here you guys go, I know I haven’t followed the request properly but eh it went with the story^-^ Written by Emma.

Chapter One: You Better Watch It.

Chapter Two: I’ve Made Up My Mind.

Aimlessly, I look out the window of my classroom until somebody nudges me hard. “Y/N.” It’s Austin, he’s been trying to get my attention for about half an hour, but I’ve ignored him. “What have I done wrong?” He asks. “Nothing.” I reply shortly. “Then why won’t you talk to me?” He holds my shoulder and makes me look at him. “Because, I don’t want to talk.” I mutter. “Why? C’mon, I need you. I need to talk to you.” He looks at me with slight sadness. I see the rest of our group looking at us so I flush red. “Well I don’t need you, or want you, so stop bugging me and just fuck off.” I answer. I’m being too harsh, I know. But I feel so stupid. I want so much more from Austin than what we have, I have feelings for him, and I don’t think I can hide it anymore. So what do I do when I don’t get what I want? I get annoyed.

"Fine then." Austin growls. Without another word, he storms up from our desk and walks past the teacher, and to the door. "I didn’t mean to." I say to the others, who are biting their lips.

Austin crashes into another student on his way. “Austin?” Mrs Jackson looks out the door, but he’s long gone. “Now, who are you?” She smiles at the new boy. “Justin, Justin Trotta. Is this sociology? Are you-” She interrupts. “Mrs Jackson? That’s me. You see, we’ve just started a new project in class. How about I fix you up with some people and they can help you from there?” She places her hand on his shoulder and looks around the room. She locks eye contact with me, only because I was looking straight after Austin, it all happened so quick.

"Y/N’s group." She points to me, walking him to us. "Hey." He smiles warmly, sitting in Austin’s chair. "Hello." I reply, feeling a little flustered. "Alright, Y/N will describe what you guys have to do, so, chop chop." She claps her hands and walks away.

"So, it’s Justin, right?" I double check, titling my head. "Yeah." He nods. "Okay," I say, before explaining our project.

We leave the lesson for break. Having completed a lot of work, I feel quite chuffed. “Where do you go now?” Justin asks, nudging my shoulder. “I go to the music room and practise playing my bass.” Aaron smiles. We discussed in class that they all play instruments, apart from me. “I was thinking about practising some guitar, I’ve never done it at school before.” Alan says questionably. “Well, I was thinking going there too.” Phil shrugs. “I’ll join, for shits and giggles.” Tino adds. “What about your friends?” I ask, thinking of his group. “Eh, they’ll live. Besides, I wanna try the drums, I haven’t for a few years now.” He raises his eyebrows. “That okay with you?” He asks sarcastically. “I was just wondering, that’s all.” I say with an awkward smile. “It’s fine.” He replies simply.

As a group we head to the music department. I kind of just trail at the end. I don’t have any other friends, not that these guys are my friends, but they’re closest to it.

We’re all packed in a music room. I watch them all having fun. Tino gets good beats going, Phil and Alan play some sweet sounding riffs. Aaron plucks on his bass, biting his lip. Justin plays on an acoustic guitar, I watch admirably. Justin’s cute and adorable, I can’t help it. He catches me looking and walks up, the guitar strap on his neck.

"What you doing then?" He asks. "Nothing, just watching. I can’t play anything." I laugh. "Oh." He frowns. "I could always teach you? Like, to play guitar." He gestures to the one swinging around his neck. "Yeah, I’d like that." I blush.

Disturbing us is the bell for second period. “That’s your guys’ break?” Justin checks his watch. “Yeah. It sucks.” Alan murmurs. “I have a free period.” I smile proudly after checking my timetable. “Sorry little princess.” Tino jokes, I shove him playfully. Justin pulls out a piece of paper, checking what lessons. “I don’t have a lesson next either.” He grins. “How about I teach you how to play now?” He smirks. “You can try.” I hop off the table. “I will see you, all of you, third period then. Sociology again.” Justin says confused as he reads the timetable. “Yeah, we get double lessons.” I say, waving the others out the music room.

"So, you wanna play?" He tilts his head with an adorable smile. Enthusiastically, I nod. Pulling out a table to the middle of the room, he gestures for me to sit. I shrug and do so. He gives the acoustic to me. "What do I do with it?" I look up at him confused. "This." He grins, holding it in place. "Now, just pluck a string." He says it as if it’s simple. I squint my eyes and move my arm, but the guitar slides off of me. "No, not like that." He chuckles.

Shuffling behind me, he sits on the table. His arms go under mine and he takes my hands. He places them on certain areas of the guitar. “Like this.” He chuckles, placing his chin on my neck. “Yeah but now what?” I giggle. “You move your arm like this.” He holds my hands to the strings. “And now pluck the strings.” I do so, but it sounds terrible. “That is… bad.” I laugh. “Well that’s because with this hand,” He taps the other, holding the other end of the guitar. “You move it to one of these.” He presses it down on a string and holds it there. “Now play that one string.” He says. I pick the sting, and it makes an okay noise. “Well, that’s kinda decent.” I shrug. “With a few more lessons, you’ll be up there with Gallagher.” He jokes. “I think I’m better. Man, hear me go.” I say sarcastically, pathetically strumming on the acoustic. “Yeah, right.” He humphs. “Hey.” I dig my elbow into him, not realising how far he was from the edge of the table.

Toppling off, Justin goes back first off the table, to the floor. As his hands were wrapped around me, I get dragged with him. I flip over as I fall, landing down onto him, ensuring the guitar is safe. However, I’ve pretty much collapsed over him.

"I’m sorry." I giggle, moving myself. "It’s fine, your neck tasted wonderful." He rubs over his lips with the sleeve arm. "I have your drool on me." I scrub it off of my neck.

"Rule number one: don’t shove people off tables." He chuckles.



Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people say girls can’t scream

You prove them wrong Emma!


Which reminds me, I just uploaded a video to YouTube of me trying to scream again (it’s been a few weeks - so)… But here:


Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people say girls can’t scream

You prove them wrong Emma!


Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people say girls can’t scream


depression/band blog ~


depression/band blog ~

(via me-killing-me)

…then 2 years later she’s at warped and austin is like alan is a mess and he has started to cut so u go back with him and he proposes and she says yes

This is the last installment but if you guys want I could do an epilogue or so where they get married and it’s their honeymoon, or something like that idk whatever you guys want

Part one Part two

Written by Afiya

*Austin’s P.O.V.”

This is not what it is, only baby scars. I need your love like a boy needs his mother’s side.
This is not what it is, only baby scars. I need your love like a boy needs his mother’s side, yeah.

Finishing the set, I look out at the crowd, mosh pits still going at it, crowd surfers everywhere, and everything moving in complete harmony, except for Alan. He’s been a mess since we came back last night, and the cuts haven’t healed yet. He’s been messing up left and right, and I know why. When we played at warped two years ago, this is where I introduced him to Y/N.
“Thank you!” It’s been two years and he still hasn’t stopped thinking of Y/N, “Make sure you stop by our merch table and pick up some new merch, maybe take a selfie or so if we decide to stop by.” I smile and the crowd goes wild. “Make sure you hydrate, go eat something,” every day it’s been a pull and tug with Alan, “thanks to everyone who went to the signing earlier, and hopefully you’ll see us around,” to get him out of bed and do something, and not just sit there rotting away. And we couldn’t let the fans see this, it would ruin him. They all look up to him so much, and he was very particular about wearing bracelets today, covering his wrist. Y/N was always at Warped, I wonder if she was here today… “Hey Alan, you going down to the merch table?” Tino gulps some water then looks towards him. Alan usually goes to these things as a way to get him mind off of Y/N, but today was different. Today he looked at us and shook his head “Nah I’m going to stay in today.” His voice cracks and he turns away from us, “it’s hot and I’m really tired, just gonna go to the buses.”
“You sure? Want me to come with you?” Aaron walks in his direction, but Alan stops him “I’m fine, I don’t need anyone.” He walks off in the direction of the buses, alone. 
“Should we just leave him, he needs someone.” Phil watches him walking away.
“No, he wouldn’t want us there,” Aimlessly staring in a general direction, I feel the razor in my pocket, I’ve kept it with me today, not knowing what to do with it. Though it was only a small sharp object I still couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Why would he do this? He was better than this. He’s so strong he doesn’t need it. Focusing, my eyes land on one person. The person I never thought I’d see ever in my life again. I saw Y/N.

Overwhelmed with joy, I practically ran towards her, “Y/N!” Wrapping my arms around an old friend, I almost forgot she was mad at us. I almost forgot about last night, I almost forgot about everything that happened two years ago. “I missed you.” I know in a second or so she would push me away, and probably tell at me for approaching her when I distinctly remember her yelling at Alan over the phone for us to all stay away from her. “I’m sorry.” I breathe to her ear, maybe she could forget about what happened and we could all go back to normal. God I missed her. We had been friends since high school, and her dropping out of my life like that took a tole on me too, I missed my friend. Though her skin was covered in more tattoos than I remember, she still smelt like flowers, she was still my best friend. For a split second I could feel her arms raise as if to give me a hug, but she pushed me away.”Get off of me Austin! I told you I never wanted to see you guys again. I’m happy now, finally. After two years I think I’m finally fucking happy and I don’t give a shit if it’s Warped. You see me, you leave me alone.”
“But Alan and the guys-“
“All lied to me, and Alan broke my heart.” 
“We didn’t mean to I swear-“
“You didn’t fucking mean to keep that secret from me? The one where Alan cheated on me? What- did you just forget?” She looks up at me and shakes her head, “I’m done, goodbye Austin. And tell Alan I said go fuck himself.”

“No! Y/N! Wait, please. I’m begging you.”

“What?” Turning around, I see her furious, with tears in her eyes. “What do you want Austin? Do you want me to go back to the busses and act like none of this has ever happened? Do you want me to tell you all it’s okay that he broke my heart, and I still love him? It’s been two years, get over yourself. I’ve started to move on Austin! I got promoted, I got a dog, I’m happy okay?” The tears spill onto her soft cheeks, and I only hate myself now. I didn’t stop Alan, and for that I lost my best friend.  “You guys fucked me up to the point where I can’t even listen to your songs without breaking down. I thought you all cared for me, you humiliated me Austin. You of all people.” By the time she stops talking, her voice is small and breaking. “And the worst part about it is,” Her voice is hollowed out with pain.  I did this to her, we all did. “The worst part about it is I still love him.” Then she breaks down crying, every last bit of sorrow and regret she had was poured out with her tears.  “I still love him.” She whispers, and I hold her.  “Y/N, it’s okay, he loves you too.” I sooth her, rubbing her back in small circles like I did in high school anytime things go too rough for her. “But I can’t go back to him.” She says this in the smallest voice possible, as if her whispering it will make all of this go away.

“Why not?”

“He hurt me Austin, you all did. I can’t go back, I’m not going to those buses, and I can’t be your friend… Austin I don’t even think I should be talking to you right now.”

“Why not?”

“Because, don’t you see? I was perfectly fine pretending you never happened, I was fine pretending none of this happened, now you show up out of nowhere and I’m crying like there’s no tomorrow.” I wipe her tears and look at her, “You’re right, you should walk away right now because I’m the worst friend ever and Alan’s the worst boyfriend, and everyone else just let that happen, but you cant.”

But now she’s the one that says, “Why not?” And I touch the small, silver, sharp object in my pocket. It was cold in my hands, but still made my palms sweaty as I brought it out of my pocket and towards Y/N’s face.  “This is why.”

“Whose is it?” She takes it in her hand, then looks up at me “Oh my god, Austin no.”

“Yeah, and it’s really bad, on and off since you left.”

“Austin I’m so sorry!” She wraps her arms around me then looks up at me, “You shouldn’t do this because of me, I’m not worth it.”

“Wait, no! Alan does it, not me!”

“Really?” She looks up at me, questioning everything. “Where is he?”

“The buses.”

“Can you take me there?” Gabbing her hand, we speed walk towards the buses, Y/N in tears “Why would he do that, he shouldn’t hurt himself over me! I’m not important.”

“Y/N, stop that, you’re plenty important. Everyone loves you, okay? Don’t downplay yourself. There’s someone out there who loves you, we all love you.”

“Thanks Austin.” We end up at the bus, and she looks at me. “Okay, um Austin?” She looks up at me.


“I want to be friends with you again, I’m not so sure about me and Alan, but yeah, I miss you, a bunch.”

“Good, me too.” I smile at her, “But you need to go talk to Alan, I’ll be at the merch table.”

Y/N P.O.V.

“Alan?” I say, peeping my head onto the bus, I hear a soft cry from the back of the bus and follow the noise. “So fucking stupid, how could I let her go, how could I cheat on her?”

“Alan?” He’s against the wall, sitting on the floor near the back of the bus. “Alan… what are you doing?” He looks up at me, and hides whatever was in his hands, and stands up.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” He wipes his tears, but then I see his wrists, and he puts them behind his back too.

“I’m here for you, Austin told me… everything.” I pull his wrists from behind his back and look at them. “Alan-“

“I know, it’s a bad thing for me to do, I don’t need a lecture I’ve gotten it from everyone on tour. But god, Y/N, I’m such a fucking idiot for cheating on you I’m so fuckin stupid, I wish I could take it all back Y/N.  I miss you, I miss your smile, your hair, your scent, I miss the way you laugh, and the way you’re always so ambitious to get what you want, I miss every good thing about you.”

“What about the bad things?”

“There are none.” I take a step back, I’m not ready for this, but then he gets back on his knees and wraps his arms around me just like he did two years before, and all of my of my old feelings for him come rushing back. “Please don’t leave me.” He begs, “I need you I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”

“Alan, I-“

“Just say yes.”

“Say yes to what?” I look down at him, and he pulls out his wallet, getting on one knee he takes out a small silver ring.

“Say yes to me, please, Y/N I know I don’t deserve this, and you probably hate me but please let me show you I can make this right, let me love you, let me be with you, let me marry you because if you do I promise I’ll never hurt you again.”

“Oh, Alan.” Not meaning to be cliché, but this was so unexpected.

“Please,” He begs, “Just say yes?”

“Yes.” Getting up, I see a light begin to shimmer in his eyes again, “I’ll marry you.”

“I love you, and I’m sorry.”

“I love you too.” I tell him, pressing our lips together. His lips felt like ecstasy on mine, though I’ve kissed guys other than Alan since the breakup, I hadn’t had an emotional connection with them. I’ve never felt like this with any other guy, regardless of what, Alan and I were meant to be.

Request: For the Vic request could it be y/n and Vic go to y/n’s best friend’s wedding and y/n is a bridesmaid and makes a speech and Vic tells her she did great and looks beautiful and stuff ^-^ then maybe smut/fluff (whichever you choose) when they go back to the hotel room c;

A/N: I changed it a bit! She’s not a bridesmaid but the Maid of Honor. This is a bit long and the career y/n has towards the end is something I really wanna do in life!

I looked at myself in the mirror, my knee length gold high/low dress straightened out and looking fabulous. I had my matching shoes and natural make up look and was ready to be the best maid of honor I could be. I walk out to see Jasmine in her dress, looking like a princess. I greet her and make my way outside where the ceremony is being held.

The ceremony was amazing and I was so happy for Jasmine and Austin. They’re so perfect together! Vic and Mike were invited, being close friends of Austin’s and that’s how I initially met the Fuentes brothers.

But now it was time to give the famous matron of honor toast/speech. I stood up and grabbed the mic and began

"I want to start off by saying, I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to be up here. I love Jasmine to death and growing up with her was amazing. I’ve know Jasmine since diaper days and when she introduced me to Austin about 10 years ago, I fell in love with him. I knew he and Jasmine would be in it for the long run and I knew from the moment they met, he loved her and would never hurt her.

I hope Jasmine and Austin live long and happy together, as they have been for 10 years. Jasmine was never really the type to date and I was shocked to find out she had gotten a boyfriend. But the two love each other and are best friends and I hope some day I can find that kind of love. I love you guys.” I finish and sat down, everybody clapping for me. Jasmine kissed my cheek and gave me a hug, thanking me for the job well done.

After we all gave our speeches and ate our dinner we all kinda just hung around and talked a bit. I walked outside, where the ceremony was held and sat by the fountain. It was such a romantic setting. The fountain had Lilly pads with tea candles on them and rose petals around the fountain with more baby candles. I sat on the edge and pushed the Lilly pads around.

"You did great." I heard a soft familiar voice say. I turn to see Vic sitting down next to me. "Thanks." I whisper. "My pleasure beautiful." I fluster a bit at Vic’s compliment.

"Wanna go back to my room?" Vic asks suddenly. I grin wickedly and grab his sleeve, pulling in the direction of the grand hotel across the street and up a bit. We enter the lobby and I drag him to the elevator, getting in and pressing my floor number, floor 24 room 2409.

I push him in my room and onto bed, straddling his hips. I grab his wrists and pin them to the bed. I leaned down and kissed his ear.

"I’m in charge tonight, Mr. Fuentes." I chuckle. Vic let out a low moan and I felt him get hard underneath me. I placed kisses under his ear and down his neck, taking my time. I graze his Adam’s apple with my teeth and watched his reaction. He whined and wiggled under me, grinding his hips into mine, trying to get friction.

I released his hands and shuffled down his body, unbuckling his belt and pulling it out of the loops. Vic pulled his jacket off as I popped the button on his pants and pulled the zipper down, then yanking the fabric off his legs, taking his vans with it. I stood up and kicked my heels off as I watched Vic pull is black socks off his feet.

Vic stood up with me and turned me around, unzipping my dress, letting it fall to the floor. I turn around and unbutton Vic’s shirt, throwing it in the pile of clothes on the floor. I push Vic back on the bed and slide down to his boxers. I yank the fabric down, teasingly slow. I stop pulling them down once they fell to his ankles.

I smiled at Vic and wrapped my hand around his member, pumping up and down. Vic throws his head back against the bed and moans out my name. I smirked and took his head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip.

-Vic’s POV-

She has a fucking tongue ring. A tongue ring. Do you know how amazing that feels? The cool metal against my skin, slipping in my slit feels like ecstasy. I ran my hands through her soft y/h/c hair, her sparkling y/e/c eyes looking up at me so innocently. This was amazing. My grip got tighter as I hit the back of her throat. I felt my orgasm pooling in my navel. Just a bit longer and I’ll be at my release.

-Regular POV-

I could feel Vic throbbing in my mouth, so I pulled away with an audible “pop”. Vic whined in disagreement but I shut him up by slapping his thigh. He winced at the sudden contact but let out a low moan. I sat on Vic’s hips and undid my bra, throwing somewhere in the room. Vic kicked off his boxers and flipped us over.

He got down on his knees and pulled my body to the edge of the bed. Vic pulled my panties off and placed my legs over his shoulders as he gripped my hips. Vic kissed my inner thigh, making his way to my core. Vic’s tongue grazes my folds, making me shiver in anticipation. He runs his tongue up my folds to my clit and takes a hold of it with his teeth. Vic gently sucks on it, while sliding one of his fingers into me and began moving in and out.

I squirm at the magnificent feeling, wanting more. As if Vic read my mind he added a second finger and began pumping them again.

"Vic, more!" I moan out. Vic smirks and removes his fingers and replaces them with his tongue. He rubs rough circles on my clit. I arch my back, making Vic hit a new spot inside me. I felt my navel swell and my orgasm at it’s tipping point. Suddenly pulled his mouth away, leaving me to whine at the loss of contact.

Vic climbed up my body, bringing his face to mine. He teased my entrance with his dick, forgetting who was in charged. I quickly flipped us over, me gripping his wrists into the bed beneath us.

"I thought I told you I was in charge?" I question. Vic groans and tries to moves his wrists. "What? Are you some kind of body builder?" He questions when he can’t escape my grip. I bring my face down to his and bite his bottom lip, pulling it out a bit.  I gave a wicked smirk and guided myself onto him. Vic let a loud moan escape his lips as he filled me up.

I pushed up with my knees and came back down, repeating this process, increasing my speed each time I do so. Every other moan that escaped pushed past Vic’s soft pink lips was my name and to be honest I loved the sound. Vic brought his hips up to match my thrusts, making my orgasm approach much faster then before.

"God, I’m gonna cum…" Vic moaned, trailing off. I kept a good pace, being somewhat thankful for being on the pill. Not because I knew this would be happening but it decreases your period to twice a year. At least mine does. I was pulled from my thoughts as my orgasm washed over, releasing myself onto Vic and him into me. Vic rode out our highs, until his lazy thrusts came to a complete stop.

I brought my lips down to his and trailed them down his neck, tasting the saltiness of his perspiration. I got off Vic and laid down next to him. Vic rolled over and hovered his lips above mine, before gently moving them with my own. His lips were addicting, they tasted like caramel and were as soft as clouds.

-Vic’s POV-

I moved my mouth against hers, taking in her extreme sickly sweet taste. Her lips tasted like cotton candy. Almost addicting. I could stay here all day and kiss her, run my hands up and down her body, make love to her. I want her to be mine.

"This was fun." She said, pulling away from me. I smiled and agreed before capturing her lips with mine.

"We can always do it again?" I suggest with a smirk. She shakes her head and sits up. "Can we opt out and watch a movie and cuddle?" She asks. I nod and she gets up, putting on some fresh panties and a matching sports bra. She hands me a pair of Bart Simpson boxers she happened to have and a tank top.

She pulled on a pair of men’s sweat pants and an old tank top before crawling into bed next to me and putting on the Simpsons movie, one of my personal favorites. I laid against the head board as she laid in my arms, her head against my chest.
We only got up to go to the bathroom and to receive our room service.

-5 months later-

I walked into y/n’s house, using the key she gave me. I walked into her kitchen to see her sitting at the island, on her laptop, looking at pictures of strange and gross dead bodies.

"Babe?" I question, motioning towards her laptop. She chuckles and pats the stool next to her. I sit down and put my arm around her small waist. "It’s for work." She explains. "What exactly do you do?" I ask, placing my head on her shoulder as I look at the screen.

"I’m a forensic anthropologist. I work in a setting where the victim’s remains are in the advanced stages of decomposition. A forensic physical anthropologist can assist in the identification of deceased individuals whose remains are decomposed, burned, mutilated or otherwise unrecognizable." She explains. I give her a look and she sighs.

"I work with nasty dead decomposing bodies. It’s like CSI except my bodies have been rotting and have little to no flesh." She puts it into simpler terms. "Well, isn’t that pleasant." I comment. "How can you stand the smell and stuff?" I ask in curiosity. "Well, how can you stand all the screaming girls and loud noises?" She asks. "Touché." I comment back.

"I guess you could say I like working with the dead." She shrugs. I smile and kiss her cheek. "Whatever makes you happy, baby."

Y/n and I never really made it official. We never said that we’re dating or that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Out kinda just happened that way. People just think of us as a couple and that was okay with us.



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