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Did you do the austin carlile one where he's your husband and you go walking and sightseeing in your childhood neighborhood and she sees her house and has a panic attack and Austin's your husband? I'm sorry

I’m doing it tomorrow Hun! Don’t panic! I’ve got 10 stories I’m going to bang out tomorrow for people and I’m putting you to the top of my list!

Lucy xx

Hi can I have a fic where mike is a player but we have a bet on who can play who and I end up playing him but he falls in love with me and doesn't tell me and I move on but I realize I love him so I try hanging with the band a lot to get back to him and he tells me to go away so I do but then we r both miserable for a while till he realizes he actually does want me in his life so he comes to my job and makes a big scene about how he loves me we live happily ever after (my job is photography thx)

Oh my god I love this
I shall complete this
Very soon

Nameless Stranger - Part One - Full Of Surprises - Austin Carlile

Om&m? I gotchu. So y/n doesn’t have a clue as to who the guys are. None. So when she meets alan (or Austin) at the coffee shop that she owns, he wants to keep it that way. They chit chat and He lies about what he does kinda (like he says he works in the entertainment business and it’s “complicated” to explain exactly what he does)

This will be in four parts c: part one, part two, part three, part four. This set of imagines will be called Full Of Surprises, hope you like reading c: Written by Emma.

"Can I have a coffee, please?" A man grabs my attention at the counter. Looking up, I see an attractive man around my age awaiting my service. He’s wearing a white t-shirt which allows you to see tattoos venturing over his arm and climbing up his neck. "Miss?" He taps the counter and takes off his sunglasses. It reveals dark brown eyes. "I’m sorry, I just kinda zoned out there." I say hopelessly. "It’s fine. Coffee, please." He says with a smile, the corners of his eyes crinkle, making me contagiously smile back. He hands over the money, and I make his coffee.

"Here," I say, absentmindedly handing him the cup. Accidentally, I tilt it and some spills over his white shirt. "I’m so sorry, I apologise, retrieving a tissue. I wipe over his stained shirt, lift it up, and dry his chest. Irresistibly, I stare, he has tattoos over his upper body. "I’m sorry,” I say again. “For that.” I add, the man is just having a laughing fit. “I’m sorry, I never spill anything. I’ll get you a new shirt…” I expect him to fill in his name. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.” He winks with a smirk. “Forgetting your name, are we?” I tease. “It’s the effects of the coffee, it’s boiling my insides, I’m going to drop dead soon.” We both laugh. “I do have a dying wish, though.” He tilts his head with a smile. “Well, nameless stranger, what is that?” I lean over the counter. “To take this pretty little lady in a coffee shop on a date.” He proposes, smiling hopefully. “Nice try, sport. But I don’t go on dates with customers.” I turn him down, raising my eyebrows. “Can’t blame me for trying.” He sighs. “At least do me the honours of sitting with me for a coffee break, so I don’t feel like a complete loser.” He bites his lip, testing his luck. “Fine, but be happy, I don’t sit with strangers often.” I giggle. “Maria, I’m taking a quick break. Be back in ten.” I say to one of the shop assistants. She nods, and I head over to a table with the man.

"So, are you actually going to tell me your name?" I ask, he shakes his head. "Nope." He sips from his coffee. "Why? Are you some secret agent or some shit? You going to blow up my coffee shop?" I bombard him with sarcastic question. "Yes, I’m going to assassinate you actually, for rejecting me." He jokes. "You know, you still have a chance of living if you accept my offer of going out to dinner." He gives me the charming smile again. "I said no." I giggle. "Fine, fine. I’ll stop." He jokingly sighs as if he’s disappointed.

"What’s your actual job then? What do you do apart from assassinate girls who turn you down?" I say playfully. "You’re the only one, believe me." He raises his eyebrows, gulping coffee again. "But I’m in the… Entertainment business." He smiles. "…do you seriously not know who I am?" He frowns. "Should I? Don’t flatter yourself." I tease. "No, I’m just… I’m a regular here, that’s all." He chuckles to himself like it’s an inside joke. "Well, maybe you always miss me and Maria serves you." I shrug; I’ve never seen him in my life. "Anyway, what do you do in the entertainment business?” I ask, intrigued to find out more about this mystery man who I’ve somehow attracted.

"It’s complicated." He finishes his coffee. "Another secret? So I can’t know your name or what you do?" I can’t help the annoyance in my voice, but I smile wonderingly. "Come on a date with me and you’ll find out." He grins. "Oh, so that’s how you’re playing it?" Jokingly, I roll my eyes. "See you later, doll, I’ve got to go." Quickly, he kisses my shop before almost disappearing on the spot. "Bye… Nameless stranger… Who kisses my cheek and leaves…" I become quieter with every word.

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No Hesitation - Part Two - Alan Ashby

Continuing with the request… and at the next morning she’s disappointed about herself and you can pick the ending if they end up together or not:)), sorry for the long request ._.

Here’s the next part ^u^ Here is part one c: Written by Emma.

The Next Morning

Drowsily, I open my eyes. I’m greeted by a thumping headache. In addition to that, my neck, chest and my insides feel like they’ve all been ripped. I’m about to ask myself why, until I regrettably remember. Alan. I realise the surroundings that I’m in his bedroom. I hear the faint snoring of somebody so I turn over, and I slightly jump as I see Alan next to me. Peering under the sheets, I confirm the thoughts. We’re naked.

I now remember being in his room last night, annoyed about him and that girl. And he said he’d show me how much he wanted me.. It resulted in him doing me as he bent me over the bed. He wanted dominance, and he sure got it. He fucked me hard and deep, and now I’m certain I won’t ever forget. It definitely explains why I ache.

I look over the side of the bed in search for my clothes. Unsuccessfully finding them, I curse to myself. Quietly, I hop out and tip toe to his wardrobe, assuring I don’t wake him. I scan it quickly and take out a band tee and just chuck it over my head, the hem a couple of inches above my knee. The smell of the shirt makes my heart ache. I perch on the side of the bed where I woke up.

What am I going to do? I had sex with Alan. Of course I wanted to, but was it a good idea? I remember him saying stuff last night that he did think I was more than some girl he played with. Was he just lying to get me into bed with him? Did he just want a casual fuck? I mean, I know I didn’t hesitate, but that’s because I actually have feelings towards him.

"Y/N?" I hear Alan’s morning voice. It’s insanely deep, and instantly makes me attracted to him. I turn around and face the ginger. His hair is scruffy and he’s half smirking. "Alan." I smile, I couldn’t help it. "You’re in one of my shirts." Admiringly, he tilts his head. Nodding, I blush slightly. "It suits you." He says. He sits up, displaying his chest, and covers his waist and below. Guiltily, I look away.

"You okay?" He asks, his hand placing on my arm. He pulls me lightly, so I sit up against his headboard like him. "Yeah, just got a bit of a headache." I admit. "I’ll give you some painkillers when we go downstairs if you’d like. But yeah, you were quite out of it, I don’t blame you." He chuckles. In embarrassment, my cheeks redden.

"Y/N, about last night, what we did.." He scratches the back of his head. "It’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it." I look away again. "No, I want to talk about it." He says, taking my hand. "Why?" I ask bluntly. "Because we need to." He answers, looking me in the eyes.

Sighing, I turn to face him. “Okay, I spoke to Jack and Jordan last night, before you came over, when you were at the pub.” Great… I think. “They told me, about how you have feelings for me.” He says. Before I can object, he continues. “Whether it’s true or not, I care about you, a lot.” He stammers awkwardly. “What I’m trying to say is, I have really strong feelings for you, Y/N. I mean it, and honestly, last night was one of the best nights I’ve ever had.” One corner of his mouth rises, he’s blushing slightly. “Despite you were quite drunk. I don’t know if you remember how it all went but I certainly do. And you, my girl, are an animal.” He winks, I slap him playfully. “Okay, forget that. But I really, really, like you. That’s all I’m trying to say.” He looks at me hopefully.

"Really?" I ask, not being able to help the happiness in my voice. "I thought I made if obvious the way I acted around you, clearly not." He chuckles. "Well, for the record, I really like you too." I blush. "Kiss me?" Alan asks, winking. As soon as the words leave his mouth, my lips see on his and my arms are around his neck. The long kiss makes butterflies flutter in my stomach.

Bashfully, I part from his lips. “Wow,” He laughs. “No hesitation.” His smile deepens, before he connects our lips firmly.

No Hesitation - Part One - Alan Ashby

Hey :) can you do one where y/n kinda tours with Of Mice & Men and she isn’t someone for relationships and she always flirts with alan, sometime she realises she has feelings for him (jealousy at a party)and feeling really bad, because she feels certain, that he doesn’t love her back and she gets drunk and somehow things get heated up with alan

This has two parts, Here is the second part, hope you like it c: slight smut warning. Written by Emma.

"What’s up?" I ask as I enter Of Mice and Men’s tour bus where themselves and my band are currently hanging out. "Y/N!" A few of them cheer. "Hey, Y/N, all of the guys are coming over to mine tonight, wanna come?" Alan Ashby, one of Of Mice and Men’s guitarists appears beside me almost immediately. "Sure." I say back, fiddling with the collar of his shirt, brushing my fingertips over his neck. "It was turned up." I say as I trail my hand down his chest before placing it back at my side. "Okay." Alan’s tone changes almost immediately and he rubs his neck where I just touched him. "In that case," He murmurs before reaching his hand out to my arm. His fingers play with my bra strap that is showing slightly. He deliberately lifts it slowly, placing it on my shoulder again, hiding it under the sleeves of my shirt. "It was showing a little." He smirks.

"Hey, you two, quit touching each other up." Tino Arteaga, Of Mice’s drummer calls, averting all the attention in the bus towards us. Surrendering our hands, we both walk over to the big group of them.

"So, Y/N, you coming over to Alan’s tonight?" Jordan, my bands guitarist asks me. Enthusiastically, I nod my head with a "Duh". Jared places his hand on my shoulder. "Good on you." He says. Alan’s eyes lock on Jordan’s hands, then up to my eyes before averting them away quickly.

"In that case, how about we all get over to Alan’s now?" My drummer and brother, Jack, suggests. "Fine with me." Alan shrugs as the rest of Of Mice nod. "We’ll just get back to our bus and get some stuff." I say to them all.

The three of us return to our bus. Gathering our stuff, I pause in front of a mirror. I make sure I’m presentable. “Making yourself all presentable for Alan.” Jack teases. “Shut up.” I dig my older brother. “It’s so obvious you guys are gonna get together.” Jordan says. “We’re not.” I mumble to them both, I know we aren’t. “Oh, yeah. Because ‘you’re not one for relationships' are you?” Jordan rolls his eyes. He's right, I haven't had a boyfriend in a few years now ever since I had an abusive one with my ex, Charlie. I've been too scared to, plus I don't trust any man. Except my brother and Jordan. “Or it's just because you're too ugly to get a decent boyfriend.” Jack laughs. “Come on, she's not ugly, she's a pretty little lady.” Jordan tilts his head at me with a smile. “Don't hit on my sister.” Jack glares jokingly. “I'm not.” Jordan surrenders. I know he isn't; he's like an older brother to me ever since we started this band.

"But come on, Y/N. You guys always flirt with each other anyway. He obviously likes you. You’d be a great couple." Jordan says. "And even I like Alan." Jack raises his eyebrows, he hasn’t been fond of any of my past boyfriends. Alan is Jack’s friend, so he knows Alan would be a decent guy for me. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t say he liked him. "I just, doubt we’ll get together." I shrug. "You like him, don’t you?" Jordan says, I pull a face and shrug. "And he likes you, I know it. You will get together.” He answers simply. He’s wrong, Alan doesn’t like me. I shake my head before toddling off our bus, I don’t want to talk about it.

Hours Later: Alan’s House.

Lately, I finally arrive outside Alan’s. I got a cab here from a bar. Just that small talk with Jack and Jordan upset me, so I went to a bar instead. I know I’ve had too much to drink, but I think that’s the best way I could come to Alan’s.

Opening the door, Alan seems surprised to see me. “Oh, Y/N. You made it.” His eyes widen. The door opens further and reveals a girl standing behind him, her head on his shoulder. “I said I would come, didn’t I?” I can’t help but sound irritated. “Jordan said you went to a bar, I thought you would’ve gone off from there.” He mumbles. I understand his implication: he thought I would fuck off home with some bloke and not come. “Well, I’m here.” I attempt to smile as I barge in to his house.

I stand next to Jordan, who slips his arm around me. “Hey, you’re here.” He smiles. “I’m here.” I chirp sarcastically, glaring at Alan walking into the room with that girl by his hand. “She’s no one.” He reassures me, however it doesn’t help one bit.

After half an hour, I’m fed up with Alan’s behaviour and that girl. She’s all over him. Although he’s not returning it all, I can tell he enjoys it. She kisses his neck, feels around his chest. I want to do that. Watching them from a safe distance, I stare evilly whilst I drink even more. I may be intoxicated, but I can sure see straight what they’re doing. The blonde girl cups Alan’s face, just like I want to, and smothers his lips with hers. That’s it, I’ve had enough.

Storming through Alan’s house, I go to his bedroom and slam the door. I sit on his bed and scream into his pillow. Ugh, how could I be so stupid? Of course he doesn’t like me. He never has and he never will! My head yells at me. I’m so stupid. Why do I have to care about him? Why do I have to have feelings for a guy that I’ll never have a chance with?

Startling me is a knock on the door. “Y/N?” I hear Alan. “Fuck off.” I hiss at him; he’s who I least want to see right now. Despite my harshness, he trots in. “What’re you doing in here?” He asks, puzzled. “Having the time of my life.” I roll my eyes sarcastically. “Ha, ha. Very funny.” He says, taking a seat next to me. “Now come on, seriously.” He adds as his hands wind around my waist. “Go away.” I mumble. “What’s the matter, Y/N? You never hesitate usually with me.” He sounds stunned, but I feel his lips against the back of my neck. “You didn’t hesitate with that girl downstairs, did you.” I growl, turning my head away. “Really?” Alan sounds irritated. “She’s nobody, Y/N. You know how I feel towards you.” He begins to grope me, but I have none of it. “Every guy says that. And no, I don’t. All I know is I’m some girl you just mess with when your bored.” I say like a little child, he sighs. “Y/N, I have no idea who she is, she came with Jordan, but he lost interest in her so she hung around me. You must’ve noticed I wasn’t doing anything with her.” He defends himself. I know he’s right, but I stick my nose up at the thought. “And Y/N, I don’t think of you like that. I think much more of you. I want you.” He murmurs, pressing his lips to my shoulder blade. “Sure.” I mutter, turning around to face him. “I could show you if you’d like.” His tone changes, to that deep seductive one. We lock eye contact and I see some lust flash in his as well as mine.

I press my lips to his without hesitation. Swirling my body round, my arms coil around his neck as we eagerly kiss each other. His tongue traces my bottom lip, asking permission to enter. Immediately, I grant it and our tongues dance.

Laying on top of him, I try to hold him down onto the bed to show that I get dominance. However, he fights it and flips us, pushing me down to the bed harder. Biting my lip, he shows that he wants it that way. I nibble back, pulling his lip with my teeth.

I decide to grab the collar of his shirt and drag it down to expose his neck. My mouth disconnects from his and I make for his neck. Gripping with my teeth, I suckle him with my lips. He takes in a sharp breath.

Bad Girls Get Punished - Tony Perry

Hi! Can you do really smutty imagine for tony perry were finds out you slept with mike and has a little fun with y/n to teach y/n a lesson. Thanks p.s I love your imagines!

Oh god, I liked writing this one way too much. Smut warning. Written by Emma. Man, I don’t know how my brain can function properly now.

"Bye," Me and my boyfriend, Tony, wave the rest of the guys out of our apartment. They’ve all been round today: Vic, Jaime and Mike.

After last nights affair, today seems to of dragged on. Last night I made the mistake of sleeping with Mike. I know I shouldn’t of, but it just happened. Today we didn’t really speak, however we made a lot of eye contact. We’re trying our best to keep it quiet, we don’t want any of the guys finding out, especially Tony.

"Y/N, how about we go to the bedroom?" Tony proposes. Instantly, I know what he wants. "Clothes off. Bedroom. Now.” He says impatiently. I do as he wants and wander to our bedroom.

Naked, I await on our bed. Strolling in, Tony is fully clothed. “Why aren’t you undressing?” I ask, puzzled. “Oh, Y/N. Today is all about you.” He murmurs huskily. The tone of his voice makes me wet immediately. “Lay down. Spread your legs.” He orders. Again, I do as told.

Without any warning, he pushes two fingers into my, making me gasp. Pumping quickly, his fingers slide in and out, the wetness of my body makes it easy for him. “Like that?” Tony asks, I nod. “Tell me.” He sounds more aggressive. I love it when he gets dominant. “I like it.” I whisper. “Louder.” He says. “I like it.” I do as commanded. “Better.” He mumbles.

Tony attaches his lips to me sucks my clit, making me flinch. Firstly, he kisses it, making my legs twitch each time. He then begins to roll his tongue over it, which results in me moaning. Continuing to pump his fingers, he spontaneously curls them and pushes deep into me. My breathing quickens. His mouth changes function and he sucks my clit. Involuntarily, I say his name in shock. Ignoring me, he bobs his head, sucking my clit quicker and quicker. I squirm under his grip, whining pathetically. His fingertips tap my g-spot, making me shiver. He continues to press it with his fingers, succeeding every time he pushes them into me.

"Now, don’t you dare come. Not until I say so. Or there’ll be consequences." He orders as he takes a quick breath. Before I can answer, his lips divert their attention to my clit again, sucking furiously. He pumps his fingers over and over, making me moan. "Tony," I whisper. He knows I’ll want to come soon. He shakes his head, making the action on my clit even more sensitive. He continues lolling his tongue and sucking on my clit as his fingers work on me. "Tony, please," I breathe. I need to. He ignores me and carries on working on me.

My stomach ties in knots, my legs begin to quiver. “Let me, Tony.” I’m sweating, I know it’ll happen soon. Again, I’m ignored. “Tony,” I whine, bucking my hips. I feel my body working up to my climax. “I’m going to come, now.” I pant. Seconds later, I release myself over Tony’s fingers. Shit, I think to myself.

He slides his fingers out of me as his head draws away from my hips. Leaning over me, a dark expression casts over his face. “You disobeyed me.” He mutters. “Suck them.” He orders, holding his fingers by my mouth. I don’t hesitate to suck them, keeping secure eye contact. If this is all me makes me do, I’ll be surprised. Tony isn’t one to let things go in the bedroom lightly. His fingers exit my mouth and he circles my lips with them.

Tugging me in his direction, he lays me over one of his knees, I know what to expect. “Who was naughty?” He asks. I gulp. “I said, who was naughty?” He repeats. “I was.” I whisper quietly. “Exactly. What do bad girls get?” He asks in his questioning tone. “Punished.” I whimper.

As expected, Tony whacks his palm on one side of my ass. I hold in my yelp; I know it makes him more angry. “Bad girl.” He growls. Repeating himself twice more, I feel the erection in his jeans. He loves it. Admittedly, so do I. He pulls me up so I’m on my knees on the bed. Swiftly, he grabs all my hair in one hand. “That’s what you get for coming. Do not disobey me next time.” He murmurs in my ear. “We’re not finished?” I ask. “Oh, Y/N.” He chuckles. “We’ve just started.”

He makes me lay on the bed again, splaying my legs for him. Sitting alongside me, he looks down at me. “So, Y/N. I’m going to ask you a few questions. You answer them truthfully, you understand?” He has a crooked smile on his lips, I nod in response. “Do you understand?” He repeats himself, awaiting a proper answer. “I understand.” I say softly. “Okay then, let’s begin.” He smiles with a mischievous look. I can’t ignore the fact that he’s placed two fingers on my clit that’s already sensitive from earlier’s event.

Pressing down on it, he says: “Y/N, where were you last night?” I swallow hard, Mike and Vic’s. “I got coffee with Amanda.” I lie, using my bestfriend as an excuse. “Lie.” He raises his eyebrows before he begins making motions on my clit. I moan. “Where were you, no lies.” He demands. “Round Vic’s.” I admit, he stops applying pressure on my body. “And why was that?” He frowns, looking deep into my eyes. “Vic needed my help.” I mumble. “Vic was here.” Tony throws back his response. “Don’t lie to me. What were you doing?” He asks, getting impatient. “Okay, Mike wanted me to help him with a present for Alayna.” I say his girlfriends name, and use her for the reason. “Are you sure about that?” Tony tilts his head. “Yes.” I answer. “Oh, baby. Don’t lie to me, it’s not very nice.” Tony says, working on my clit again. It’s enjoyable, but I don’t want to risk him spanking me again. “Tony, stop.” I whisper. “It isn’t fair. I don’t want to get spanked again.” I say pathetically. “Do you want to know what isn’t fair? A girlfriend that’s lying. Now, tell me the truth what were you doing round their apartment.” He demands from me, his fingers press down hard on my clit making me whimper as they make circular motions. He knows my weakness. “I was with Mike. That’s it.” I mutter, I know he won’t be pleased, but he stops teasing me. “What were you doing with Mike? And don’t lie this time, Y/N. You’re on very thin ice, I’m getting really impatient now.” He growls. I just mumble; I don’t want to lie but I don’t know how he’ll respond if I tell him. “Answer me now or I’ll just bend you over my knee this second.” He hisses. “We had sex.” I whisper as quietly as I could. “You what?” Tony asks, attempting to sound surprised, but for some reason I feel like he already knew. “We had sex.” I say louder. “Why?” He asks, his tone still threatening. “I had too much to drink.” I admit. “Did you like it? Did you like the way he fucked you?” Tony mutters, his tone lower than before. “He was nowhere near as good as you.” I say to him honestly. “I didn’t ask that, did I? I said, did you like it? Did you come for him?” He demands an answer. “Yes.” I say regrettably. “Did you moan?” I nod my head. I hear Tony sigh disappointingly.

"Come here." He grabs me, leading me off the bed. Bending me over, he spreads my legs. "Now, I’m going to fuck you over this bed. You’re going to moan, you’re going to scream, you’re going to come ten times as hard as you did with him. Am I clear?" His tone his husky, I know he’s looking forward to this. "Yes." I hear him unbuckle his belt and unzip his trousers. Chucking his clothes away, I hear him appear behind me.

Both of his hands grab my hips. Hoisting my ass into the air, he pushes his length into me. Loudly, I moan; this position makes him seem bigger than he already is. Beginning to thrust, I adjust to him. I prop myself up on my elbows, allowing my position to work easier. His hands use my hips to help him crash his body into mine faster. He moves my hips forth and back, making our bodies move in sync. Groaning, I tug at the bed sheets with my fingertips.

One of his hands move around my waist, and down towards my clit. He presses it with his fingers. “Now, you’re going to moan as loud as you can.” He commands. I nod. Rapidly, two fingers circle my clit as he applies pressure to it. I do as told and I make the most sound I possibly can. The motions of his fingers in addition to the thrusting drives me insane, I whine, I moan.

I feel my climax building up again as my tummy swarms with butterflies. “Tony-” I’m about to ask, but he interrupts. “You told the truth, you can come.” He grants. Graciously, I exhale. He continues to fuck me fast, using the same speed on my clit. It isn’t long before I’m releasing my fluids again. I know it turns him on, so I groan his name as I do so.

Moving his hand from my clit, Tony wraps that arm around my waist instead. With the other, he hovers it over my ass. “Now; you’ve been a bad girl; you lied to me when I told you to tell the truth. This means you have to get punished a couple more times. However, your punishment won’t be as harsh as before.” Tony’s husky voice says. “Thank you.” I answer, he knows part of me loves it when he gets aggressive during sex. “You’re just going to answer these next questions correctly, aren’t you?” He asks. “Yes.” I answer.

Pounding into me, I moan again. “Who do you belong to?” Tony asks as he thrusts. “You, I belong to you, Tony.” I whine. “Who’s name do you scream whenever your in pleasure?” He says next. “Tony, I scream Tony.” I answer. “Show me.” He orders in his husky voice.

Grabbing me hardly once again, Tony crashes our bodies together. I hear our bare skin slapping against each other. I lift my body into the air so he can fuck me harder. Screaming his name, I hear him chuckle. Repeatedly, I yell Tony over and over. “There’s my girl.” He mutters. My screams echo through the room, I’ll be surprised if the neighbours don’t hear.

"Now, who’s are you again? Scream your answer." Tony commands. "I’m yours. I’m all yours Tony. I belong to you, my body belongs to you." I yell. "Yes, you are and if is." He confirms darkly. "You’re mine, all mine." He groans to me. He slaps his palm against my ass like before. He does it over and over again, making me moan. "Slap me, slap me harder." I beg, raising my body for him. He does as I ask, going harder with each slap. I groan his name, he knows I adore this level of aggression.

"Tell me what you want." Tony growls, the dominance taking over his voice again. "I want you." I pant. "I want you to fuck me hard." I plead. "Harder and harder." I whine, I love it when he pounds into me with all his strength. "That’s right." He says, his palm crashing into me again. "Nice and hard." He mutters. "Slap me again, make handprints. Go harder, harder." I whimper. The thrash of his hand excites me more as he repeats it a couple more times. My stomach loops up again, I feel myself getting close. I feel Tony tensing up, so I know he will come soon too.

"Come into me, Tony. Come." I plead and beg. I know he loves it when I beg for something. We’re both breathing heavily, waring out slowly. With a few more pounds, Tony comes into me, as I release myself over him.

Collapsing over the bed, he pulls me on top of him. Firmly, he connects our lips. “Please, Y/N. Don’t cheat on me ever again.” He mutters to me. I see the sadness in his eyes. “I won’t.” I say honestly, I know it was wrong. “As long as I get that more often.” I bite my lip before giving him a peck on the lips again.

Hi! Can you do really smutty imagine for tony perry were finds out you slept with mike and has a little fun with y/n to teach y/n a lesson. Thanks p.s I love your imagines!

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You’re Far More Delicious - Alan Ashby

Lost the request but something about edible underwear lolzo

It’s a random request but hey. All I could think about was strawberry laces. Don’t judge me. Strawberry laces are tasty. c; Smut warning. Written by Emma.

"Alan!" I call out my boyfriend’s name as I enter our apartment. "In here." I hear him say from the living room. Walking to the doorway, I see him watching TV. "I went shopping today." I say to him, trying to get him to look at me. "What’d you get?" He asks, turning his head. "I’ll give you a hint, it’s around this area.." I direct my hands around my bra and then my underwear. "Oh," I hear the change in his voice. "Wanna look?" I ask playfully, leaning against the doorframe. "I’d love to but I’m starving, I don’t know if I’ll have the energy." He sighs. "That wouldn’t be a problem.." I murmur, biting my lip. "I lift up my shirt and display the bra I’m wearing, which is edible. "Oh, you didn’t." His voice slurs, meaning he’s getting turned on. "Mhm." I nod my head, winking. "Wanna have a look now?" I ask, rubbing between my thighs. Enthusiastically, he nods his head as I walk over to the chair he’s on.

Alan watches as I slowly peel my clothes off. I deliberately take time, seeking seduction. His eyes scan over my body and light up with lust. I bend over the chair and kiss his lips forcefully, he moans in my mouth as he grabs my breasts in the bra made of sweet strawberry laces.

He tugs at the laces before they rip and my breasts tumble out. Nipping a piece in his mouth, he offers to share it with me. Our mouths connect either end, I suck gently on the lace as our lips come closer. Moaning again in my mouth, I swallow the sweet.

His attention as always soars back to the food that hangs around my boobs. I kneel on his lap as his lips suck on my nipple. My fingers tousle with his light hair as I enjoy his manoeuvre. Kissing downwards, he reaches more of the strawberry lace that still ties around me. Amused, he chews the sweets as I impatiently wait. “Come on, Alan. I want some fun.” I whine, meaning I want his head between my legs. “There’s food, I am having fun.” He chuckles as the lace drops off of me. Disapprovingly, I squint my eyes at him. “Okay, okay. God, somebody is bossy. But, I love you.” He pecks my lips. “Spread your legs then.” He winks.

Splaying my legs out, Alan gets on his front. He crawls towards me, his hands grab either side of my hips, fiddling with the sweets tied around my body. Firstly, he licks over the laces between my legs. I feel his hot breath through them, it makes me wet almost immediately. Following the lace to my hip, he licks up and then down. He sucks on the lace that covers my core, it makes me want him on a great scale.

My hands play with strands of his hair, I lightly pull his head towards me, making him work on the lace quicker. Successfully breaking a part, it makes a flap over my core. Impatiently, he uses one of his hands to rip it off my body. “Suck it. Suck on it.” He orders, handing it to me. I don’t hesitate; anything to get his tongue inside of me. We keep dead eye contact as I stick it in my mouth. I part my lips so he can see my tongue play with the sweet. I can taste myself as well as the strawberry flavour that makes a delicious combination.

Alan’s eyes concentrate back on my core. Grabbing my hips firmly, his tongue dives into me. I gasp his name. I feel his tongue venturing inside of me, he never fails to leave any area untouched. Tangling, my fingers get lost in Alan’s hair. He never fails to pleasure me with that tongue. “Deeper,” I whisper, knowing he’ll obey. He moves his left arm so it rests elbow to palm hip to hip on me. Sliding, his right hand goes further down my body. With his fingers, he spreads my folds so his face buries deeper within me. Loudly, I moan his name.

His thumb hovers over my clit. Pressing down hardly, I gasp. His thumb moves in an anticlockwise direction in a circular motion. I whimper his name; he knows it’s my main weakness. The familiar motion ties knots in my stomach, making me feel like butterflies are swarming inside of me. His tongue flicks at my clit for a moment, making me flinch. It dives back into me, not hesitating to lick up every inch of me. “Faster.” I say to him. Rapidly, his thumb increases in speed. Involuntarily, I begin to squirm, whine and moan. Nuzzling his head between my thighs, Alan’s head bobbles side to side, allowing his tongue to slobber over me.

"Deeper," I command again. My hands lock behind his head, pressing him further into me. "Yes." I scream as his tongue wags inside of me. My legs beginning to twitch, I know what’s going to happen. "Oh, god yes." I scream, grinding myself against his lips. I release myself into Alan’s mouth, and he sucks up every inch of it.

Sliding up my bare body, Alan brings his face to mine. “You’re far more delicious than any sweet.” He murmurs before pressing our lips together. He opens his tongue for access, as do I. Our tongues dance and I can taste myself in his mouth.

Parting, he presses his forehead to mine and we both smile. “I’m tired.” I say drowsily. “Oh, you’re tired?” He raises his eyebrows sarcastically. “Try obeying you, sheesh. You never stop bossing me around when I’m down there.” He pouts jokingly. “You love it.” I reply, biting my lip. “Like hell I do.” He smirks. “Now, I’m hella tired.” He adds before collapsing his body on mine.

I’m Not One For Love - Austin Carlile

I don’t know if you’ll do this one but can you do one where you have a one night stand with Austin but you end up pregnant and you don’t know what to do. Then a year later you’re out shopping and she starts to get antsy and Aaron walks over asking if she needs help and the boys follow but Austin’s like wth and they all think she’s familiar and Alan goes back and talks him into coming with them and he realizes she’s his and like MAJOR FLUFF?!?!

Well I suck at these sort of things but I gave it a try anyway, you implied the baby was her daughter and you didn’t suggest a name so I kinda just called her whatever I could think of, hope you like it c: Smut Warning. Written by Emma.

I still remember that night. That night he saw me at a bar, alone, upset. He offered me a drink; one, two, three. We sat and we chatted, about things, about life, about love. All I knew was that I wanted to get lucky easily, I didn’t expect what would happen in the aftermath.

He took me home to his and it wasn’t long until we ended up in his bedroom. I was intoxicated but I remember ever second. The way he whispered in my ear as he undressed me carefully, the way he kissed along my neck and collar bone whilst caressing my body. Gently, he pulled me onto his bed. I sat facing him on his lap, our bare bodies pressed together. He told me how beautiful I was, and that he never wanted to let me go. He kissed my neck, he made me feel so alive, like I was loved. Then he said something, something that I still remember now. He said: “I’m not one for love, but this was love at first sight.” And those words exactly as he traced his fingers across my cheekbone. It left me speechless.

It wasn’t long before my back was on the bed and he was on top of me. The breathing was heavy and intense, sweat gathered on our skin. I couldn’t count the number of times I screamed his name.

He plunged himself into my body powerfully, successfully making me moan each time. He wasn’t rough, he didn’t hurt me, he knew exactly how to fuck a woman. His elbows was either side of my head, propping him up. Both of his hands was locked behind my head. My legs were wrapped securely around his waist as he tactically thrusted. The motion of his hips sent me to heaven, the way they dipped as he was inside of me then would grind upwards. It made me scream numerous times. He was so deep into me, yet always seemed to go that bit further. I cursed and dug my nails down his back, sometimes my hands twined with his hair.

I screamed, screamed and screamed. I couldn’t get enough, neither could he. He didn’t just fuck me, he made love to me.

We were breathless afterwards. He whispered sweet nothing’s in my ear as we lay together. For the first time ever, a man spoke to me about his future. He said he wanted us two to be together, me following his band on tour. He wanted me every step of the way with him. He said that he’s fell in love with me. I was surprised; we just met each other that evening. But he said that we had some sort of connection, and I believed him. I felt it too - this strange bond pulling us together. He told me that he wanted children in the future too, a girl. He would like to have a child fairly soon, so she could grow up with him. He had a disease, Marfan Syndrome, and it meant he couldn’t expect to live the full life of a man. But he wanted to make the most of his whilst he still had it. He wanted a family, a career. He wanted to make a difference to the world, to show people who have troubles or are like him that they aren’t alone. It was admirable.

We fell asleep that night in his bed, side by side. His arm was around me and I clutched to his chest. I felt like we were together, officially together.

The next morning was painful. I lay there, awake, in his arms. He snored lightly. I could picture it: waking up like this every morning. But something just snatched me out of the living dream I was in last night.

My thoughts dwelled. He wasn’t serious about you two having a future, he’s a rockstar, he wouldn’t want you and some kid toddling around after him everywhere. I overthought the whole situation, and I believed myself. He was a rockstar, he had a complicated life, going here, there and everywhere. He wouldn’t want me around him, or a child. He couldn’t of been serious. He was Austin Carlile, a hero already living the dream.

Loud, piercing cries snatched me out of the flashback. I look down into my pram to see my daughter, Sianna, crying. Immediately, I picked her up and held her in my arms. Rocking her side to side, I try to calm down. However, it didn’t affect the situation much.

It’s been over a year since that night with Austin. Shameless to say, the girl is his. I didn’t have the heart in me to have an abortion after I found out I was pregnant. I fell in love with her. The next morning after our incident, I followed my thoughts and left. I wrote a long note explaining why. Stupidly, I left the man that gave me the slightest possibility of a good future. I think about Austin everyday, I won’t lie. I look back to that morning with regret when I wake up every morning. Sianna has the same heart problem as Austin. As it’s a genetically disease, Austin must have passed it to her. Whenever I look at Sianna I remember him, it stung my heart. That hurt me the most.

Rolling down her face, Sianna’s tears felt never ending. Subtly, I sighed. I didn’t mind having a child, but it would help having somebody, at least one person, helping me with everything. I didn’t have a family, no brothers, no sisters. My mother died a few years ago and my dad left me when I was a little girl. I didn’t bother to find him, I never wanted to after he ditched me and my mother.

"Miss, are you okay?" A voice distracts me. Vaguely, it seems familiar. I turn around, fairly shocked by what I see. Aaron Pauley, the bassist/singer for Austin’s band, was approaching me. "Yes, she’s just a little unsettled, that’s all." I try to smile and hide the stunned look on my face. Behind him walks two other members of the band: Tino Arteaga and Phil Manansala, the drummer and one of the guitarists of the band. "She’s adorable." Phil says, bending down and looking at her. "What’s her name?" He looks up to me. "Sianna." I barely whisper. "Who’s got cute little cheeks? You do." Tino is lightly rubbing her cheeks, making me laugh softly.

Another member, the other guitarist, Alan Ashby wanders over to us. I try to seek behind him, to see if Austin’s anywhere. However, I can’t see over the small group of men. “Cute little girl,” He comments with a warm smile before turning to me. “I’m sorry if this sounds crazy, but you seem strangely familiar.” He remarks. “No idea why.” I say as I blush and tuck an ear back, I certainly do know why. “And so does she.” Alan crouches and leans over Sianna, talking in an automatic baby voice. “Again, no clue.” I shrug hopelessly. I try to remain calm, if they remember this isn’t going to be easy to explain.

"Where’s Austin?" Aaron asks as Alan stands up. "He’s just being a little weird for some reason." He sucks on his cheek. A little weird, does he remember me and just doesn’t want anything to do with me? “Where is he?” Phil joins in with the questioning.

"I’m here." I hear the husky voice behind me, and it startles me. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, Y/N." He chuckles with that charming smile of him. I feel my face whiten, he remembers. “Y/N?” Alan repeats, eyes widening. “That’s why.” He mumbles, before stepping back slightly. Aaron understands what he’s trying to do. “Come on guys, let’s leave them to it.” He says, facing Phil and Tino. Kicking Tino’s back, Alan tries to draw him away from Sianna. “I’m sorry, she’s just adorable.” He chuckles before standing back and following Alan’s footsteps.

Soon enough, I’m left alone with Austin. Settling, an awkward silence appears amongst us. “I should go..” I whisper, turning the pram around. “Y/N.” Austin’s tone sounds like a parents. Unwillingly, I look up into his eyes. I never thought I’d see them again, at least, in person. Following those words, he makes my heart sting. “A note?” He mutters, folding his arms. “You left, a god damn note?” He raises his eyebrows. “I know, I have a lot of explaining to do.” I whimper, like a little girl getting told off. “Come on.” He says, his tone softening.

Leading me and Sianna to a small coffee shop, we sit opposite each other. He orders us two coffees, and we sit in silence. Guiltiness paints over my face.

"A note." He repeats himself. He doesn’t sound angry, just disappointed. I know what he’s talking about, of course I do, that note I left him the morning I left. "Austin, I-" I murmur, but he interrupts. "Oh no, don’t try to ‘Austin' me.” He mimics my voice. “You left me.” His tone sounds sour. “And all you left, was a flipping note?” His voice becomes irritated. “Writing all that crap about how we couldn't be together. After a night where I opened up to you more than anyone else. You ditch me, you left me.” He mutters. “I thought you weren't serious..” I whisper quietly. “It's clear which one of us wasn't serious, isn't it?” He clenches his jaw. “I was, Austin, I was..” I say pathetically. “Yeah, obviously. No calls, no texts, no nothing. You've got a child.” His voice raises. “I didn't have your number.” I use one of the excuses that has been building up in my mind for the last year. “Could've left yours. But, oh wait, you didn't want jack all to do with me. You just used me for a night and left me and wrote some stupid, pathetic excuses down as to why. I run into you now and you have a flaming child.” He tries his best not to lose his temper. I don't blame him for being angry at all. “I wanted to, Austin, really, I did.” I say, a pleading look in my eyes. Silencing for a moment, his eyes drift off into space and he looks around the room.

"Then why didn’t you?" He asks, his tone sounding upset. "I thought you were beautiful, amazing, perfect. I thought I was lucky that I was getting the chance go have you, I thought you’d be everything I ever needed, but you left." He covers his mouth his his hand and looks away again. I search his eyes, his features. He looks like he’s in pain, that he really is upset. I can tell; I have to see that face in the mirror everyday.

"I honestly thought you didn’t mean what you said. I thought that you’d want to live your life, have your dream career. You wouldn’t want me, or a family, ruining that for you." I murmur with regret. "I couldn’t live my life without you."He replies, taking my hands. My body warmths at his touch."Y/N, I looked for you. I looked everywhere. That place where we met, I went there a few times a week hoping to see you. I asked the bartenders, regulars there, if they saw you, and to give you me a call so I could come see you." He says, a black expression covering his face. "I really didn’t think that, at all." I say dumbly. How could I of been so blind before? "Of course I wanted you, and a family." He says. "Honestly, I thought you didn’t. That’s why I left, and started a family of my own." My eyes drift to Sianna, laying quietly in the pram.

"She’s beautiful." Austin’s eyes fill with fatherly love, should I tell him she’s his? "What’s her name?" He asks, eyes not diverting from her. "Sianna." I say, smiling at his attention on her. "Sianna," He repeats, stroking her cheek softly. "What an amazing name." He coos.

"Who’s is she?" He asks, jaw tightening subtly. I can tell the curiosity will be eating away at him. "Yours." I answer quietly, averting from his eyes. "Oh my god," He breathes. I can’t tell whether that’s good or bad. "God, Y/N. Why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve helped with everything and anything." He looks at me with sense of desperation. "I really thought it wouldn’t matter to you." I mumble. "Oh, Y/N. Of course it would matter. Firstly, it’s you, anything to do with you and I’m all over it. And secondly, Christ, I have a daughter. I’m a father." His eyes light up. "You’re… happy ?” I can’t hide my confusion. “Yes. Christ, yes. I have a daughter, we have a daughter. We could be a family.” I hear the tone of pride in his voice. “You’d want that, seriously?” I frown, I’m in disbelief. “Of course I would want that. I want you, don’t I? I would certainly want our daughter too.” His grip on my hands tighten. “As long as you would want that.” He adds at the end, seeking my response. I’m speechless, all I can do is nod enthusiastically. A new feeling flows through me. I’ll have a family. A proper family.

"Oh, Y/N. I’m not one for love," He recalls his words from our night long ago. "But this was love at first sight." We both say. Cupping my face, he kisses me across the table. I’ve missed the sweet grip of his lips. Something I never want to miss again.

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