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The Little Mermaid - Part Ten - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Hope people are liking this fanfic so far c:

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

Part Four: A Few Simple Words.

Part Five: You Really Are Beautiful.

Part Six: I Can’t Wait.

Part Seven: Never Mind, Pretty Lady.

Part Eight: My Lips Are Sealed.

Part Nine: What Can I Say, I’m A God.

Piling out of the van, we’re greeted by a strong hurl of wind. “Woah.” Matt says, holding on to his beanie. “What beautiful weather.” Lee says sarcastically. Mat grumbles something. “Don’t whine you whimps. There’s nothing like some fresh air, besides, there is some fun stuff to do.” Jordan says. “Like what? Build sandcastles?” Lee replied. “Sandcastles are cool.” Jordan said back chuckling. “I like sandcastles.” I add, giggling. “Well you’re cute so you’re allowed to.” Oli puts his arm around me and squeezes. I see Mat scowl at us. “

"Hey is that a volley ball net over there?” Lee asks. “I believe so.” Oliver says. “Come on lads! Let’s have a game!” Jordan cheers. “In this weather?” Matt says raising his eyebrow. “Aw, scared you’re gonna lose?” Jordan teases him. “Bring it on then!” Matt replies smirking. “Who’s gonna be with who?” He says, jumping leg to leg pretending to warm up. “Well it’s gonna be 3 vs 3,” Jordan says. “I get Y/N.” Oliver says and smiles down at me. “I’ll be with those two.” Matt says and puts his arm around me and Oli. “Nicholls, Lee. You’re with me, come on lads.” Jordan clicks his fingers and fakes a competitive face.

Charging down to the net, Jordan goes to find a ball. “Group huddle guys.” Matt says and us three bob our heads together. “Y/N and Oli, you’ll be by the front and I’ll take the back.” He says with a serious look before we burst out laughing. I’ve never played volley ball before, this’ll be interesting.

Jordan returns with a ball and we cover both sides of the net. Excitedly, I hop up and down. “Chill your beans, Y/N.” Oli says and grins at me.

“Whoever gets the first point wins. Game on!” Jordan says, throwing the ball upwards. Jumping, Oli taps it with his right hand, Jordan then hits it back. Aggressively, Matt smacks the ball. Again, Jordan returns the ball and it comes to me. I wince and stick my arms out hoping to hit it. I feel it hit my hands and it goes to Mat. Mat to Matt, Matt to Lee, Lee to Oli, Oli to Matt, Jordan to me, me to Jordan. It was repetitive passing. I was hitting it better each time, I hope. Back and forth the ball went.

Fifteen minutes passed and still nobody had scored. I begin to puff. “Exhausted, Y/N?” Jordan laughs at me and strikes the ball. “Some of us don’t jump around on stage 24/7.” I reply smiling. “Come here then.” Oli says and opens his arms. I raise my eyebrow. “What?” I ask. Matt hits the ball and Oli runs over to me, picking my up. “Oli, stop it!” I scream laughing. Hoisting me up into his shoulders, I feel like a giant. “Wow Y/N, you’ve grown.” Lee shouts over to me, hitting the ball back. “I know!” I say. Shakily, I try to get comfortable. Oli holds my legs and chuckles. Matt smacks the ball again.

“Y/N, this is for you!” Jordan yells and the ball comes flying at me. I strike the ball and cheer to myself. The ball goes into Mat’s direction, who looks even more pissed off. However, he hits the ball and it soars into mine and Oli’s direction. Oli lifts lets go of my legs and taps the ball back over. I wobble unsteadily. “Don’t slip, kitten.” Oliver smirks. Lee hits it back over to Matt. Again, Jordan aims for me. Surprisingly, I smack the ball. It zooms to Mat, who wasn’t paying attention. “Nicholls!” Jordan calls to Mat. But it was too late and the ball landed to the sand.

Matt is first to cheer. “Yay!” I say with glee. Oli swoops me down and holds me in his arms. I swing my arms round his neck and giggle. Sweetly, he kisses my lips. “Get a room.” Jordan yells to us. “Oh, I would if I could.” Oli winks at him. “Too much information.” He replies. “You’ll hear her later anyway.” He winks again and we laugh. He softly drops me onto the sand. “You’re just Mr Grumps because we won.” I say jokingly. Matt coughs obviously and approaches Jordan. “Who’s the loser?” He rubs it in his face. “Oh I’ll show you.” Jordan says, before tackling Matt to the sand. “Dude get off me! I have sand all over me!” He whines whilst Jordan laughs.

I remember I have my camera with me, so I toddle to the side of the net and pick up my camera bag. As soon as I get the chance, I snap Jordan and Matt on the floor wrestling like deranged siblings. l smile to myself.

Finally, he gets off and the two jump up. A strong gust if wind flies at us. “Well I’m nice and warm now.” Lee says. “Not for long.” Jordan replies and he gives a fun look at Oli. The two run up to Lee and hold him up. “Guys get off of me!” He screams. We knew where they were heading - to the nice cold sea. I take a picture of them charging down the sand with Lee until they go out of sight. Squirming, we can still hear Lee yelling for help. Then splash. Into the water Lee went. “Oh, you pricks!” We hear Lee holler. Matt and Mat begin to laugh. Well, at least he’s laughing.

We then can hear Jordan and Oli calling us for help. Trotting down the beach, we see Lee dragging Jordan into the water and Oliver trying to save him. Immediately, I take another shot as I smile. “Oi, come on.” Matt says to the both of us. I shake my head and then the two run up to the water, kicking their shoes off as they went. Another opportunity to take a photo. They bombard the three and they all plunge into the water. Snap, I took another picture. They’re such interesting people, I can’t help but laugh at them. I wander closer to the water. Admiringly, I stare at the five men, my heroes, acting like five year olds. Click.

“Y/N, come on!” One of them yell, I can’t figure out who. “I can’t.” I shout back disappointedly. My cuts… I’d be in excruciating pain. Oli comes bouncing out the water like a puppy. “Fuck it’s freezing.” He says before wrapping his arms around me, gross, he’s all wet. “Why won’t you come in, love?” He asks me. “My arms. It’d hurt like hell. And I don’t want the rest of them seeing my arm.” I say looking at the sand. “Maybe it would clean them, I will kiss you better. And don’t worry about that, sweetie, they don’t care.” He replies softly, looking down kindly at me. “I’m not sure.” I say uneasily. “Come on Y/N!” I hear Jordan say. “Please!” He adds. I smile. “I may as well try.” I shrug and Oliver kisses me. “Just, one picture.” I smirk as I hold up my camera. “Fine.” Oli grins as he bares a huge smile like a child. I beam down as I take the picture.

I yank off my jacket and kick off my shoes. Assuring I have my camera strap wrapped around my neck, I smile. Luckily, I brought my waterproof today. “That’s my girl.” He beams at me and holds me in his arms and begins to make his way to the water. “Oh, so I’m your girl now?” I raise my eyebrows. Inside my heart is jumping with glee. “Maybe.” He kisses my cheek. “I wouldn’t mind that.” I giggle. “Good.” He replies and we bound into the water. I feel the salty water flush into my cuts.

“Shit!” I gasp quickly. “What?” Oli asks. “My arm.” I mumble. “Oh sweetheart.” He sighs then kisses my forehead. The guys bundle together and splash around. I see Jordan take a glimpse at my arm. He looks up at me and smiles, I return one weakly. Jordan jumps on top of Oli and gets him in a headlock, snap, they splash around in the water next to me. The others are swimming around aimlessly. Taking a quick photo, I giggle watching Oliver and Jordan play fight. “You guys are such five year olds.” I giggle. “Come here.” Oli says before grabbing me and tickling me. “Oli, stop!” I laugh. He twirls me around sweetly in the water before holding me tightly to his warm chest.

Pressing my lips against his, I suddenly felt the urge to kiss him. “How many times do I need to tell you two to get a room?” Jordan chuckles before swimming away. I run my hands through his wet hair, wiping it out of his eyes. His hand travels up my drenched shirt and he grabs my breast. He squeezes it and I begin to giggle. “What?” He asks me, nuzzling my nose. “Nothing.” I smile. He reconnects our lips. I cannot help but feel his chest; it’s beautiful. My hand slides down further to his hip bone, and carries on. I unbutton his jeans and I feel him smile against my lips. Going underneath his boxers, his smile widens. “Oh Y/N, never knew you was this sort of girl.” He whispers, and carries on to kiss me. I grab hold of his length and begin to toss. I feel his smile widen against my lips. He trails his hand from my breast to my trouser line, undoing my jeans, he slips his hand into my underwear. He begins to rub, and I moan quietly. “You can’t keep quiet, can you?” He chuckles against my lips. “I’m sorry.” I apologise and smile. “No need to be, sweetie.” His hand moves quicker, as does mine.

“Hey lovebirds!” Lee calls, interrupting. We pull our hands out immediately and turn around. “We can finish that later.” He whispers into my ear. Paddling over, I notice that we’re now in more shallow water. Matt and Jordan are wrestling with each other, so I take a quick picture. I’ve also noticed that Jordan is the most childish out of them. Mat and Lee are just standing in the water aimlessly, so I snap another shot. As I still can’t touch the floor, Oli holds me up. I can’t help but notice Mat glare at my arm. I try to hide it, but I don’t want to have to put my arm in the water because it stings my skin unbearably. From where it was dipped in the water before, my arm is a carmine red. I see Oli scowl at Mat as he looks at my arm. “Pack it in.” He growls at him. Mat looks up at Oli’s glance and he mumbles something. “What did you say?” He says in a low tone. “Oli, can you not do this now please?” I ask shyly. “No, I want to know what he’s saying and why he’s staring at you like that.” He says stubbornly. “Oli, everybody stares. I’m fine with it really I-” I mutter. “No Y/N, he shouldn’t do that.” He interrupts. “I was just looking, Oli.” He mumbles. “Well don’t.” Oliver replies bluntly. “You don’t own her, I can look all I want.” Mat says back. Lee holds Mat’s shoulder. “Don’t start.” He says to him, he shakes his arm off. “Don’t start what? I haven’t done anything.” Mat says loudly. “Just don’t start any shit.” Lee replies. “It’s fine, he’s just jealous.” Oli says purposely. “Oli.” I say under my breath. “Jealous of what? A scrawny shit like you?” Matt grumbles. “Nah, jealous that Y/N isn’t with a disrespectful fuck like you.” Oli hisses. “Oliver please don’t-” I stop as Mat approaches Oliver.

Aggressively, he takes a swing to Oli and hits his cheek. He drops me before grabbing Mat’s shirt. I keep myself afloat in the water as my cuts sizzle. “I advise you not to do that again.” Oli growls. “Or what?” Mat smirks. “Oli, don’t.” I whisper, but it’s too late; he strikes Mat in the stomach. They grab each others shirts and they begin to shout at one another.

“Stop them.” I whimper to Jordan as he’s already stepping behind Oli. “Oli, let it go, it’s not worth it.” He holds his arms and tries to pull him back. Oli pushes Mat off of him. “Is that all you’ve got then?” Mat chuckles and moves backwards into shallower water. “Nicholls, I swear to god if you don’t shut up…” He growls. “Mat don’t ask for it.” Lee calls over. We follow them to the lower water. “You’ll what?” Matt replies smugly. Oli grabs his head and knees him in the stomach. I can’t watch anymore - so I just plough myself in between them.

Mat’s fist is already swinging for Oli so I flick my eyes shut and wait for the impact. I don’t feel any swing, so I open my eyes shyly. Oli has took a firm grip of Matt’s wrist and stopped it from hitting me.

Admittedly, I thought Mat was going to hit me. The others come over. “Did he get her?” Matt asks curiously. I force a smile over my face. “No, it’s fine.” I blink my eyes a couple of times. “That was close.” I say, attempt to lighten it up by sounding chirpy. “Yeah.” Jordan replies. “You sure you’re okay? You look a little like a possum.” He adds. “I’m fine.” I say calmly. But really, that’s scared the shit out of me. “Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Mat mumbles. “Well why did you try to hit her then.” Oli hisses. “He didn’t Oli.” I say to him. “I just got in the way. I wanted you two to stop and I couldn’t do anything else.” I sigh. “It was quite stupid. But hey, he didn’t hit me did he?” I smile weakly.

“Come on, let’s get out.” I say and I march out of the water. I believe I’m the only one who isn’t speechless. Oli puts his arm around me. “I’m sorry Y/N, I just overreacted.” He mutters. “It’s fine Oli, it’s perfectly understandable. Just try not to hit him next time.” I place my head on his chest. “He started it.” He grumbles back. “How can you be so calm about this? He nearly hit you?” He asks me raising his eyebrows. “I believe I’m still in shock, don’t worry, you’ll see all of the tears later.” I smile up at him. “Oh kitten, I’m sorry.” He squeezes me tight. I hear low conversations behind us but I try to ignore them.

We all sit on the wall, facing the water. “I’m fucking freezing.” Lee moans. “That’s what you get for throwing yourself into the water.” Jordan chuckles and nudges Oliver. “It’s your guys’ fault.” He whines. “Hey it was fun.” Matt says. Oli and Mat are in silence, neither of them say a thing to anybody.

"Hey, can I take a picture or two of all of you guys sitting there?" I smile as I hold up my camera. Receiving some ‘yeah’s and head nods, I hop off the wall. "Smile." I say, looking through the lens. All of the males strike handsome smiles as I snap a shot. I never knew men could look so could drenched in water. "Okay, now a silly one." I say. Jordan lays over Oli and Matt’s laps doing the peace sign, Oli pretends to strange him whilst Matt is pretending to punch him. Lee gets off the wall and sits in front, smiling innocently. Finally, Mat just pulls an unattractive face that makes me smile like hell, despite all that has happened. Giggling, I take a picture.

“I vote we go get some chips.” Jordan suggests after I take the shots. “I go with that.” Matt replies. “Same. Some nice hot food.” Lee says. “I will if that’s what you guys wish to do.” I say, trying to sound happy. “Nicholls, Oli?” Jordan asks. Mat nods. “Sure thing.” Oli says. “Well let’s go see Jack first, I’ll need to get some stuff out the van.

The guys collect some of their items from the car, phones, wallets. “I won’t even ask.” The man says as he looks at us head to toe. I smile at him, remembering earlier. We make our way up the seafront, looking for a fish and chip shop. “We must look ridiculous.” Jordan chuckles. “Yep.” I smile at him, unexpectedly taking a photo of him. “Do you just adore taking photos people aren’t prepared for?” He asks me, I nod with a grin. “They’re actually my favourite.” I add. Oli and Mat still aren’t saying anything.

“There’s one.” Matt points to a shop named “The Little Mermaid”. “Oh I love that film.” I chirp. “Oh really?” Kean mimics me in a high tone. “Shut up.” I say, pretending to be sad. We all wander into the shop. “Uhm, we all want chips, yeah?” Jordan asks, everybody nods. “Well, 6 chips, sir.” Jordan says to the man over the counter. “That’ll be £10.80.” The man says. Jordan hands over some money. “Keep the change man.” He says.

He slumps on to one of the chairs, so does Oli and he invites me on to his lap. He kisses my neck softly. “I’m still sorry, kitten.” He whispers into my ear. “It’s fine, Oli.” I say quietly. I look at Mat, he’s just staring into space. His eyes catch mine and I try to smile, but all he does is look away awkwardly. I can’t help but feel as if I’m a nuisance here. All I’ve done is cause an argument.

Six bags of chips are now laid out on the counter. Lee grabs one first, stuffing his face with hot chips. Jordan, Matr and Mat take theirs. Then Oli gets mine and his. “Here you go, angel.” He says. My heart melts whenever he calls me a cute name.

We walk outside and back up to where Jack had parked the van, me taking pictures as we all go. “I thought you guys would be posher than this.” I say, munching on a chip. “What on earth do you mean?” Oli chuckles. “Well I thought stuff like this was too casual for you lot.” I say. “No way, I love chips.” Lee exclaims. Sitting back on the wall, we all munch through our bags of chips. Mat is at the end, then Lee, then me and Oliver, followed by Jordan and Matt.

Finishing his bag, Lee hops off of the wall and rubs his hands together. “Well at least my hands are warm, only the rest of my body is freezing.” He says. One by one, we all finish our chips. We get off of the wall and sort out our drenched clothing. “Want to head back to Jack?” Oli asks everyone. They all murmur a yes and we plod along for a couple more minutes before getting to the van.

Am I the only one that’s getting fucked off by everyone freaking out about Captain America being black and Thor becoming a woman… Marvel clearly know what they’re going, so why doesn’t everyone shush?

Aw this blog reached 1.9k followers.. Thank you everyone it means a lot to me that people enjoy reading my writing ^u^

What Can I Say, I’m A God - Part Nine - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Next part done, hope you like it cx

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

Part Four: A Few Simple Words.

Part Five: You Really Are Beautiful.

Part Six: I Can’t Wait.

Part Seven: Never Mind, Pretty Lady.

Part Eight: My Lips Are Sealed.

After twenty minutes, Oli finally tumbles off of me. Breathing heavily, we’re both fairly sweaty. “Pft, worst sex ever.” He winks jokingly. Playfully, I shove his shoulder. He grabs the nearest pillow and swings it at me. Laughing, I snatch it from him and jump on him. He tickles me so I laugh like a drugged seal. “Oli stop it!” I squeal. “You’re laughing, so you must enjoy it.” He chuckles before continuing to attacking me again. “No, no, Oli stop it!” He holds his hands up. “Fine, fine.” He leans forward and pecks my lips. “Only because you’re too cute to be killed.” He smiles down at me, and I can’t help but beam back at him. Holding his arm out, I snuggle underneath and place my head on his chest. I almost forget that we’re still naked. He drops a kiss on my forehead. We lay there in silence for a few minutes, just cuddling on my bed.

“Oli?” I ask. “Yes, kitten?” He answers. “I’d just like to say how thankful I am.” I begin the little speech I had planned in my head. “It’s my pleasure that was by far the best sex I’ve ever had.” He replies cheerfully. “No, not about that.” I smirk. “I was going to say about all of this. You’ve made my dream come true, and I’ve been happier in these last two days than I’ve ever been before, despite earlier.” I gleam up at him. “Oh sweetheart, it’s fine. You’ve made this wonderful. Your cute, chirpy smile makes my day.” I stroke his chest. “The sex was great too don’t get me wrong, you’re a god.” I say to him and we both laugh. “You’re not that bad either.” He winks. “But hey, my ego is shooting through the ceiling right now. I bet your screams did too.” Cheekily, he bites his lip. “Hey shut it, Mr say my name, say my name.” I mock him and stick my tongue out. “Dude, ask any guy, when you say their names it is fucking amazing.” He retaliates laughing.

“What time is it?” I ask him, as I have no idea. Taking his phone from the bedside table he clicks his lock button. “It’s only 11.” He replies. “Do we have anything else to do today?” I ask curiously. “Not that I can think of. Practise usually leads to lunch but… Yeah.” He sighs. “Did the guys come back with you?” I wonder. “Yeah, we all went to our rooms. Well, I came to yours. We can plan something to do in the afternoon at lunch, if you want? But until then we can relax in here.” He suggests. Warmly, I snuggle up to his chest again. “Sounds great to me.” I reply.

He grabs the remote and switches on the TV. Flicking through channels, he finally finds one he likes.

After fifteen minutes of watching boring TV, I decide I want to have a bath. “Do you mind if I go take a bath?” I ask him. “Do you mind if I join you?” He winks at me. “You have your own bath.” I squint my eyes at the singer sarcastically. “But I’m already naked here.” He replies and shrugs with a cute smirk. “Fine.” I give in. Oliver Sykes wants to get in a bath with me, I will not complain. “Yay.” He says as he scoops me up and carries me to the bathroom.

As he puts me down in the bathroom, I bend over to turn the bath taps on. I feel Oli press his length against me. “Oli, we just went. How can you want to go again so quickly?” I ask as I tip in a load of bubble bath. Standing upright, I face the vocalist. “I just get excited when a beautiful girl bends over in front of me, you cannot blame me.” He smiles like the devil. “Can you not wait?” I ask, shaking my head sarcastically. “I’m a very impatient guy, Y/N.” Eagerly, he links our lips together.

Pressing me up against the cold, tiled wall, a chill runs down my spine. My arms reach around his neck as his hands caress my waist. His length is pressed up against my stomach. “I feel as if I’m interrupting. But, I’m cold.” I say awkwardly. I just feel his smile against my lips. “Trust you.” Is all that leaves his mouth.

Turning the taps off, he climbs into the bath. “Get in then, you wuss.” He lowers himself, getting his hair wet, then wipes it out of his face. He looks adorable. Admiringly, I look at him. “Do I have to pull you in or what?” He laughs. I hop into the bath with him, on the opposite side. He splashes water at me like a child. “How old are you?” I giggle, then cup some bubbles in my hands and attack him with it. “Oh and I’m the childish one.” He grins. He leans forward in the bath towards me. Invitingly, his lips play with mine. After we part, I grab more bubbles and give him a beard. He’s still laughing as he speaks. “I look pretty sexy with a beard I reckon.” He says. “You think that.” I smirk. “Hey shut up.” He replies and pretends to look sad. “Make me.” I tease. “I would if you wasn’t so clumsy.” He chuckled. I slide myself in front of him and sit on his lap facing him. “Oh very flash manoeuvre.” He half smiles. I place my hand delicately under his chin and part my lips so I can reunite them with his. I’d like to say it was a passionate kiss, but I felt his erection below me. I giggle at the thought. “What?” He pulls himself out of the kiss. “Oh, nothing.” I smile at him. Scooping up bubbles, I place them on his head. “Adorable.” I wink.

As the bandage is wet, it slips off of my arm, displaying the cuts. I shuffle awkwardly as Oli looks down at them. “You don’t need to be uncomfortable, Y/N. You’re beautiful, despite the cuts on your wrist. I wish you would understand that. I don’t think any less of you.” He seemingly reads my thoughts. He cups my hands, and puts his face to mine. Nuzzling my nose, he stares down into my eyes. “Really?” I ask him. “I promise you.” He kisses my cheek. I place my hands on his cheeks then kiss his lips slowly. After we part, he takes my hand and swirls me around. He places his head on my neck. Kissing my neck, his right hand trails up my thigh. He holds out my left arm with his left hand.

Carefully, he feels my cuts. He dips my arm into the water. I feel a sharp sting and i take a sharp breath in. “I’m sorry.” He whispers into my ear. Even his whispers leave me speechless. He lightly rubs my cuts, I can’t help but flinch. “Shh, it’ll feel better afterwards, sweetie.” Washing my arm a final time, he spins me back around. “Nice and clean?” He smiles at me. I beam and nod at him.

He holds my hand as I get out of the bath. Releasing his hand, I step out. I quickly grab a towel and swerve it around my body. Oli steps out boldly. “You don’t need to be self conscious, Y/N.” He says. “Your body is beautiful. My cheeks flush crimson. “Stop it.” I admire his body, it looks like a piece of art. Then I see his length, and huge it was. “Wow.” I raise my eyebrows. “If I can’t stare at your body, you can’t stare at mine.” He teases. “I can’t help it.” I giggle as I walk out of the bathroom. He follows me, still naked. “Can you put yourself away?” I ask him, eyeing his body up again.

He pounces onto the bed, where I’m searching for my clothes. “Oli, where on earth is my underwear?” I ask him. He reaches under the covers, and pulls them out. “Here you go.” He throws them at me. I put them on. “Come here.” He says, patting the bed, holding my bra. I do as he says and he slips it on to me, and hooks it up. I find my skinny jeans and hop up and down until they’re around my waist. I noticed Oli’s eyes glued to my breasts. I just sigh and walk around my bed to find my shirt and pull it over my head. “Oli, get changed. It’s 12:05.” I say. “Yes, mistress.” He obeys me and puts all of his clothes back on. We spend about twenty minutes sorting out our looks. “Want to knock for the others and get some lunch?” He asks me. No. The voice inside of me scorns. “Together?” I ask with a frown. He holds both of my hands and looks me in the eye. “Look Y/N, I don’t want to keep this a secret. I have strong feelings for you, believe it or not. I don’t want to hide it, do you?” Relived, I smile. “No, of course not.” I’m glad he feels the same way. “Good.” He smirks and takes my hand, “Shall we?” He asks, I nod my head and we leave for the door.

Oli knocks on everybody’s doors: Matt’s, Lee’s, Jordan’s then Mat’s. Me and Oli walk along hand in hand. “What is this then?” Lee asks, walking in front of us, backwards. “We don’t know.” Oli shrugs. “Oh, I do.” Jordan winks. “Oh, Oli! Harder, faster! Oli! Moan, moan, moan.” He mimicks me. I flush rosy red. “Hey, shut up.” I shoved him jokingly.

“You wasn’t exactly quiet.” Mat grunts in a low tone. “Even I heard you, and I was two doors down.” Matt adds. “What can I say, I’m a god.” Oliver praises himself. “Don’t flatter yourself.” I joke. “By the noise you were making, I don’t think he is.” Jordan and the group laugh, except Mat. I blush. “She knows it’s true.” Oli puts his arms around my shoulder. “Mat on day one, now Oli on day two, wow Y/N you’re on a roll, when’s my turn?” Lee winks at me. “Leave it.” Mat hisses at him. I can’t help but feel horrible inside. I feel as if I’ve just hopped one guy to another.

“You guys want to go out for lunch?” Matt suggests. The group nod. “I’ll call Jack, he can take us out. Where do you guys want to go?” Oli asks. “Y/N?” He faces me. “Anywhere.” I shrug. “I think we should go to the beach.” Jordan says. “Are you stupid? It’s freezing.” Lee says. “Well we wouldn’t get bombarded by fans, I think it’d be pretty cool.” Jordan shrugs. “I think it’s a good idea.” I add and smile at Jordan. “It’d be… Something different to do.” Oli says. “Matt, Nicholls?” Jordan says. “I’d be fine with it if that’s what everybody else wants to do.” Matt answers, Mat just nods his head and mumbles something.

The group depart as Oli takes out his phone to call Jack. I make my way over to Mat. “What do you want?” He huffs at me. “I don’t know, maybe an apology?” I ask, “You told them, all of them.” I can’t help the sad look that overthrows my face. “Me apologise? Why the fuck should I? You seemed fine after Oli came to your room. As they said, you was pretty loud.” He grumbles at me. “Okay, sorry that I like Oli.” I say to him, but he still doesn’t look satisfied. “You liked me yesterday.” He mumbles. “I liked you this morning, until you acted all cold with me, and decided to yell about me cutting.” I snap. “I didn’t mean to.” He stutters. “Honestly, I didn’t. But way to make me feel even worse by sleeping with my band mate.” He glowered at me. “Look, Mat, I’m sorry. I really like Oli, I just do.” I say. “What about me?” He asks and kicks the floor. “I can’t talk to you about it right now, come to my room later, okay? We can talk about all of this properly. I need you to understand and I need to understand. How you feel, how I feel. Just do that for me, please?” I look at him with a sense of despair. Is this the right thing to do?

Soon enough, Oli comes over to me and puts his arm around my shoulder and I see him glare at Mat. He leads me away and we regroup. “Jack should be about ten minutes.” He says.

After a short period of time, I see the familiar van pull up outside.

I've read your old version of this fanfic and I wonder if it's going to end the same or if after she chooses or whatever is something going to happen after that? (I love it btw) c:

It’ll just end the same I’m thinking, unless anybody can suggest otherwise cx

My Lips Are Sealed - Part Eight - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Yay I’ve managed to do some more.. Self Harm Warning, do not read if you are triggered easily. Also, slight Smut Warning.

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

Part Four: A Few Simple Words.

Part Five: You Really Are Beautiful.

Part Six: I Can’t Wait.

Part Seven: Never Mind, Pretty Lady.

Storming through the hotel, I go up the stairs and to my room. I get under my quilt and grab a pillow. My heart was aching, I felt betrayed. Why did he say that? Who says that? He promised me he wouldn’t tell a soul. I feel more tears streak down my cheeks.

You’re stupid for trusting him. The voice inside my head mumbles to me. You’re such an idiot. You thought that he actually liked you? Bless your delusional little heart. Why would a guy like that like you? Look at yourself. He’s right. Emotionally unstable, you slit your wrists. No wonder why he doesn’t like you. The voice nags me.

I begin to sob out loud and bury my face into the pillow. I smell Mat’s cologne on the pillow and it makes me cry more. This morning, a man who I thought was wonderful was laying here with me. But he lied to me, he didn’t care. He probably thinks I’m just some messed up freak.

What will the rest of the guys think… They won’t want to talk to me. What about Oli? His face when I left. To be honest he probably just wanted to make me feel better, he doesn’t care. I messed up, I messed up the most perfect thing in my life. They’re my heroes. And what do I do? I fuck up the best opportunity I ever had to tell them how much they mean to me. Their lyrics, all of their voices, their smiles. They saved my life. And they’ll never know.

Scrambling out of the bed, I go to my suitcase. I refold and order everything inside of it. I need to leave, I can’t stay here anymore… I come across my first aid kit. The voice inside my head insists for me to get it out and open it. The piercing sharpness of the blade inside invites me to pick it up. I do so and wander to the bathroom and look at my vile self. I unwrap the new bandage from earlier.

Staring at the cuts, I notice they are still a cherry red. I analyse the blade closely to my eyes. My cheeks are stained with bitter cold tears. Holding the blade to my wrist, the voice inside is persisting that I do it. And before I know it, my skin reddens and puffs. Crimson, cerise, carmine streaks are sliced all up my wrist to elbow. Droplets of blood form, and begin to ride down my arm. I look down to the floor, and cry into my knees helplessly. Forcefully, I chuck the blade to the wall, I hear it clink to the floor. Leaking, I can feel more blood drain from my body.

“Y/N…” I hear a familiar voice murmur my name. Instantly, I look up to the mirror to see Oliver behind me, he’s holding the blade. He takes a small step forward. “Don’t come near me.” I whimper pathetically. Ignoring me, he crouches down and takes my right hand, he pulls me up.

He leads me to the bed then gets up and grabs tissues from the bathroom and retrieves my first aid kit. I try to say sorry. “Oli, I I-” He shushes me before I can say more. “Just close your eyes, and calm down.” He says in a tender voice. My eyes are now shut, I can’t see anything, just a sky of darkness. I can smell Oli’s seductive cologne, which makes my soul dance to a soft tune. I feel Oli place tissue on my arm. Carefully, I feel him wipe blood away. I hear him get up and his footsteps wander. He paces back. I feel a cold glass against my damaged lips, I cup it and drink the water. It tastes refreshing, and my whole body is enlightened.

Dabbing a wet tissue on my arm, Oli cautiously cleans the fresh cuts. I barely feel any pain; my arm is numb. But a sore zap flies through my arm as he tightly wraps a bandage around my arm. Flinching, I open my eyes and notice I’m staring straight into his. I can’t help but admire the soft brown twisting in his iris’.

I’m not crying anymore, but I feel dampness on my cheeks and around my eyes. “Oli, I’m sorry.” I whimper to him. “It’s fine, Y/N. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I don’t blame you. Nicholls shouldn’t of said that. But it’s fine now, okay? Mat got a nice kick in the balls and thrown offstage for it.” He tries to make me smile, and it works, the corners of my mouth rise. “The guys are completely fine about it, they think Nicholls has just been a disrespectful asshole.” He says plainly.

“What did Mat say?” I asked, curious to know. “He just said he didn’t mean to repeatedly. I’m not gonna lie to you, Y/N, if it’s an apology you’re looking for you’re not going to get one. That’s just who Mat is.” I sigh. “It’s not that, it’s just, he promised. He promised he wouldn’t tell anyone. And look at what he’s done… The five guys I adore most in the world probably think I’m a deranged moron.” Stupidly, I shrug.

“No we don’t.” He puts his arm around my shoulder. “I think you’re adorable and beautiful.” He says. “And I promise you that.” I can’t help but lean on his chest and admire the words he says. “But, that’s what Mat said…” I trail off sadly. “Y/N, what actually happened between you two last night? I need to know.” He grabs hold of my cold hands. There’s no need for me to lie anymore. “Well he came round to my room to apologise for his attitude, and he told me how he knew that I was hiding something. I didn’t want to tell him, and I never really did. I looked guiltily at my arm and he assumed that, that I cut. And when he saw he hugged me and told me everything would be okay. But look, it isn’t is it? Either way I burst into tears and cried as he held me. Then after we went out to get McDonald’s because he was hungry. And when we came back we just ate it all then watched some tv. He asked why I did it, and I told him. Then I accidentally leant in as if I was going to kiss him. He took his shirt off and we crawled under the covers to get comfortable, and then he kissed me, a slow passionate one. Then we just fell asleep and you walked in after we woke up.” I sigh. “So nothing else happened?” He asks and I shake my head. “Do, do you like him in that sort of way then?” He says in a plain voice. “I like him, yeah. But, I don’t think like that, I can’t, I couldn’t.” I say. “I can’t trust him anymore.” I add hopelessly. “So I’m the guy who comes here when the other’s a dick?” He asks with a smile and I grin back. “And I’m not ruining anything by being here?” He also asks. “There’s nothing to ruin, Oli.” I stare at the floor.

“He does have some feelings for you, he must have.” He replies and looks into my hazel eyes. “I don’t blame him.” He adds softly. “There’s something I need to say.” He begins.

“I met you yesterday morning, and you were just a cheery bright eyed girl. But, I can’t stop thinking about you. I feel fairly stunned; he can’t stop thinking about me? “It’s not yesterday to me.” I smile up at him. “I’ve been here for you for 8 years now. Just a crazy fangirl since I was 14.” I smile idiotically. “It’s strange, because I’ve met the guys who have saved my life. The guys who I’ve had a huge crush on since I was 14. Although I know nothing like that will happen with you, I can sure picture it.” The words escape from my big gob and my cheeks burn. He laughs at me.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that.” I giggle like the moron I am. “Why wouldn’t anything happen?” He asks smirking. “Because, I’m just a photographer, who you only met yesterday. I’ve already kissed Mat, so nothing is going to be simple. Not to mention I have trust issues. A band member who’s on tour all of the time, there’s better girls than me out there.” I state truthfully.

Oli holds my chin and looks into my eyes which I’m lost in, I can’t help but sink to the sound of his voice. Seductive, romantic and sweet, his voice has the perfect combination. “I never break promises.” He says to me, relating to our conversation before Mat. “Besides, you’ll be on tour with us, silly.” He adds playfully. Shamefully, I ask him: “Can I trust you not to tell anybody about what you saw me doing?” My eyes lose contact with his.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly connects his lips to mine, then firmly grips for a few seconds. “My lips are sealed, sweetheart.” I flush scarlet. “Oli, I-” He places his hand on my waist then the other on my cheek before chaining our lips together again. He’s leading the kiss, and I get pressed down on the bed. He’s leaning aside me, his hands in the same position. My left hand grabs his hip, and the other ventures underneath his shirt. He leans on top of me. His eagerness makes me want him even more. My hand moves from under his shirt to the back of his neck. Pulling his head in more, the kiss becomes more forceful, and our breathing gets heavier. He introduces his tongue to the kiss and he makes his way down to my neck. I feel his erection through his jeans as he grinds his body on mine. I release a short moan as he seductively kisses my neck. “Oli,” I whisper. “Shh.” He hushes me.

Our lips rejoin and I hear him unbuckling his belt, then unbuttoning his jeans. His hand does the same to my skinny jeans and he grips on to me. Sliding my right leg up I hook it around his back. He sits up for a moment and pulls his sweater and shirt over his head. Admittedly, I stare at the vocalists body before he rapidly began to kiss me again. I dig my nails into his back gently as the kiss became more aggressive. I never thought Oli was this sort of guy, I’d picture him to be more of a gentle lover kind-of-guy, from how he acts. But he seems to be a little more boisterous than that. I’m not complaining; I love surprises. Again, he pauses before tugging at my shirt. He looks at me like a lost puppy. I nod and the singer pulls my shirt over my head.

Wildly connecting again, our lips play tag. I can feel my body plead for Oli’s. I can’t help but move my body with his. Travelling up my back, I feel his hand unhook my bra, and I feel suddenly exposed. He kicks off his jeans and then turns to mine. He slides them down my legs. I feel his smooth chest against mine and the frequent beats of his heart pounding. Wrapping my legs with his, my hands cling round his neck. I feel him bite my lip, so I nibble back carefully. His erection rubs against me. We shuffle to the head of the bed and scramble under the covers.

“You can’t imagine how long I’ve been dreaming about this.” He chuckles. “You’ve known me since yesterday, Oli.” I smile. “Doesn’t make any difference.” He says before biting down on my lip again. He’s on my right side, leaning on his left elbow. Softly, he kisses me. His right hand reaches for my underwear and he slides them down tardily. Ambling onto his back, I assume he’s pulling down his boxers. Swiftly, he manoeuvres his body on top of mine.

Kissing my neck, he whispers into my ear. “You ready?” He asks. Gripping onto his back, I prepare myself and nod my head. Powerfully, he inserts himself into me. I gasp at the size. “Hey, I’m not even half way in yet.” Cheekily, he smiles. As I feel more enter inside of me I dig my nails into Oli’s back. He slowly slides it out before roughly shoving it back in. I gasp. He repeats this a few more times. Moaning, I cover my mouth with one hand. “No don’t do that; it boosts the ego.” He winks at me. He increases his speed carefully. I begin scratch down his back in pleasure; it’s unexplainable how good he makes me feel. His thrusts get stronger and I begin to groan. Pounding into me, I murmur his name. “I can’t hear you.” He says in a playful tone before thrusting hardly. I can’t explain how great this feels. I claw at his back, assuring this time I draw blood. He pounds into me again. “Oh, Oli.” I moan loudly.

Never Mind, Pretty Lady - Part Seven - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Here’s the next part - getting through this quite quickly c:

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

Part Four: A Few Simple Words.

Part Five: You Really Are Beautiful.

Part Six: I Can’t Wait.

We arrive in about twenty minutes, as we pile out of the van everyone stretches. Lee and Kean slide away somewhere, I imagine to see the set up. Jordan gets hooked up on a phone call and stands a couple of metres away. I look at Mat. Grumpily, he clicks his fingers before walking off elsewhere.

“So Y/N,” Oli says to me. “So, Oli.” I reply and smile lightly. “Do you have any idea why Nicholls is acting strangely again?” He asks with a raised eyebrow. “No actually, he was like it this morning.” I reply and stare at Mat. “You would know.” Oli laughs to himself. “Nothing happened Oli.” I reply sternly but I break into a smile. “Sure sweetheart.” He replies and sticks his tongue out. I have no idea why, but he does. “Anyway, shall I take you to where you’re set up will be tomorrow?” He asks. “I guess you can.” I reply and he links up my arm and we stroll off.

A cute stand next to the stage comes into view, and as we enter it I see the rest of my equipment from the hotel in there. I look around me and all I do is smile, even my laptop is here. “How did you get all my stuff here?” I ask in wonder. “I arranged it, duh.” He grins.

Gratefully, I swing my arms around Oli and hug him. “Thank you.” I say into his chest. He balances his head on mine. “It’s alright cherub, your photography is amazing. I’m glad you’re here with us.” I couldn’t help but grin because we called me cherub.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything? But Oli we’re going to start now.” Mat grumbles at us. Quickly, I unfold my arms from the vocalist. “Oh.” Is all that leaves my mouth. “No, not interrupting anything. I’ll be out in a second.” Oli replies. Mat turns around and walks to the stage, where the other theee already are. “Uh yeah, so I’ve got to go, you can either stand here or closer if you want. As long as you’re prepared to be deafened.” He warns me but his lips curled upwards.

Promptly, Oli kisses my forehead before rapidly making his way to the stage. Stroking where he kissed, my brain started to drift off. Courteous, genial and kind, Oli has been sweet ever since I’ve been here. He hasn’t been rude, nor have the others but, he’s been nicer than the average guy. Calling me sweetheart, sweetie and cherub. Or was that just the kind of man he was? I shook my head and left my stool then went closer to the stage. 

However, when I get there, I hear two people arguing. Frowning, I step even closer to see who it was. It’s Oli and Mat. I clamber up onto the stage. “I’d leave it if I was you.” Jordan approaches me. “But I want to hear what they’re arguing about.” I lightly glower at him. “It’s about, uh, you.” He said, looking quite uneasy. What? Why? What have I done? “Well I want to listen.” I say stubbornly. “Be my guest.” Jordan steps out of my way as I step towards the two then follows me.

“Nicholls, I kissed her forehead.” Oli flies his hands around hopelessly. “I’m just saying, if nothing happened, you wouldn’t care.” Oli states after. “How did this start?” I nudge Jordan’s arm. “Mat made a joke as Oli came up on stage about how he teased him yet he’s the one who kissed you just then on the forehead and hugged you.” He shrugs. “But, I hugged him?” I suck in my cheeks. Do they really get wound up that easily? “Tell Nicholls that.” He rolls his eyes at the two. “Nothing did happen!” Mat hollers and throws his drumsticks at Oli. “Real mature Mat.” Oli remarks. “But sure man, you obviously have some sort of feelings for the girl.” He finishes. I glare at Matt and was curious as to what he would say.

“Why on earth would I have feelings for her?” He yelled. “Look at her.” I looked down at my own body and suddenly felt extremely insecure, I hunched my back and wrapped my arms around myself. “Why the fuck would I like a girl like that? One who’s emotionally unstable 24/7 and slits her wrists?” He raged. Oli, Jordan, Lee and Matt’s eyes widened. Then Mat’s does the same and covers his mouth. Each member turns to look at me. Staggering backwards, I feel insanely unsteady. I stutter. “I’m going to go.” My mouth says shakily. I turn my body around and make for offstage.

Jumping off, I walk off speedily. “Good one, Nicholls.” I hear Oli growl, then the others mutter some stuff. I ignore them and just keep walking on the ground to the exit. I can feel myself whelming up, but I try to hold back my tears. I hear someone’s footsteps running behind me. “Y/N!” The voice calls, it was Oli. “Y/N, stop for a second.” Sluggishly, I slower my pace. “What?” I turn around hopelessly. I feel the first tears escape from my muddy eyes. “Don’t go.” He holds my shoulder. “Why shouldn’t I?” I ask aggressively. But I calm down as tears flood. “You guys won’t want me here after that.” He holds my hand and pulls me towards him. “I do.” I struggle from his grasp. “No, Oli. They won’t, I can’t face any of them or even you after that. Just let me go.” I mutter quietly and sniff. I steps towards the gate, approaching the van we came in. “Please don’t leave.” Oli says glumly. “I’ll text you later.” Is all that I can say before I march out and get into the van, I can hear Oli’s faint words as we drive away. The driver, Jack, asks where I want to go, I tell him back to the hotel. Minding his own business, he doesn’t even ask about my watery eyes. I wipe them and stare out the window. After what seemed like forever, we finally got to the hotel. “Thank you.” I say to him, eyes still red. I attempt to hand him some money, but he closes his mind. “Never mind, pretty lady, have a good day.” He smiles warmly. I get out of the car and walk into the hotel.

I Can’t Wait - Part Six - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Decided to split this into two parts rather than one huge one like the original. Another one I managed to complete down the stables c:

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

Part Four: A Few Simple Words.

Part Five: You Really Are Beautiful.

The following day, I’m awakened by a knock on the door. I’m still laying on Mat’s chest and he’s still asleep. I smile up at him. The knocks repeat. “Hello? Y/N, it’s Oli.” For a moment I’m fine and about to answer him, until I realise that Mat’s laying in my bed, with me, what will that look like?

I shake Mat’s body and he finally wakes up, but before I can say anything my door unlocks and Oli walks right in. “Oh Y/N, you’re still in be- Mat?” He asks wide eyed as he sees a member of his band in my bed. Mat sits up, revealing his bare chest. “Oli?” I sit there in silence awkwardly. “Well there’s a shirtless Matt in Y/N’s bed. I’m going to leave now, catch you all at breakfast in half an hour in the dining hall? Okay, goodbye.” Oli says awkwardly before leaving the room and closing the door.

I look at Mat and bite my lip. “Great.” I say sarcastically. “This is going to be fun..” He mumbles. We’re both silent for a few minutes. “What are we going to do about this? Oli will tell the guys, and they’re going to be assuming things that never happened.” He sighs. “We could just tell them the truth? I mean, it’s not that bad, is it?” I ask. “Just that you fell asleep in my room, nothing is wrong with that. After all, that is what happened.” I suggest. “I was shirtless.” Mat says fairly bluntly. “We’ll just say nothing happened then, okay? Jeez calm down.” I say, taken back slightly.

“Now go get ready for breakfast.” I smile to him, patting his shoulder. “Uh, alright.” He mutters dully, hanging his shirt from last night over his shoulder and leaving the room.

"Over here, Y/N!" Jordan waved from a few tables away. Half an hour later, we’re all getting breakfast in the dining hall at the hotel. Cautiously, I squint my eyes to check if Mat is there, when I can’t see him I make my way to the table. "Want me to get you some juice?" Lee offers, as soon as I sit down. "I’m fine with some water, thanks." I reply and he leaves the table. I look from Lee to Oli, who’s smiling cheekily. "What?" I blush shyly. "Oh nothing, sweetie." He grins. I see Mat enter the room, and look down almost immediately, this isn’t going to be awkward at all. “Why hello, sleeping beauty.” He smirks as Mat takes a seat next to me. My cheeks change to a ruby red colour. “Pack it in.” Hastily, Mat shoves Oli. “What’s this?” Matt asks, nudging my shoulder, paying attention to our conversation. “I have no clue.” I lie.

"Well, Nicholls and Y/N have been up to a little-" Oli raises his eyebrows twice and winks. "Oli, be quiet." I say shyly. "You have the complete wrong ide-" I add but Jordan pokes his head in. "I did hear you lot making some noise in Y/N’s room this morning before I came down." Oli chuckled. "Well I walked into Y/N’s room and there was a shirtless Matt in Y/N’s bed." He covers his mouth, trying to contain his laughter. I frown. "How did you even get into my room?" I ask him, changing the subject subtly. "You left your key in the lock, genius." I squint to myself, smart move. "Oh so you two have been…" Jordan smirks and points his finger at us two. "Nothing happened." I roll my eyes at Jordan and Oli. "Sure." Oli holds his hand to his mouth to cover his smile again. "You’ve been pretty quiet, Nicholls." Matt winks to Mat. "Seriously, nothing happened." He replies and looks at me. "We just chilled in her room all night and I fell asleep." He adds and I nod, but Matt, Oli and Jordan are still sniggering.

Lee rejoins the table and passes me a glass of water, I smile as a thank you. “What do you guys wanna eat then?” He then asks everyone. Luckily this stops their laughs and they all order. Passing me a menu, Lee asks me too. I stare at the amount of calories in each meal. I shake my head as the voice scorns me again about what I ate last night. “Uh, nothing, I’m fine thank you.” I reply to Lee, I feel Mat staring at me and I turn around to face him. He doesn’t say anything, just has some sort of glare in my direction. Awkwardly, I turn away and try to get comfortable. It feels like yesterday all over again.

An hour later they’ve all finished their breakfast. “Y/N, we have to practise later at the venue, do you wanna come?” Jordan asks me. “Sure, if that’s fine with you guys. I’d love to get some pictures of you guys.” I reply looking at the rest of the band. “Of course you can, as long as we get the drummer and not you.” Oli laughs. I shush him and roll my eyes. “Can you just leave it?” Mat says do Oli and sighs. “Wait, leave what?” Lee asks frowning, obviously he wasn’t here to hear Oli snitch about Mat being in my bed. “Y/N and Nicholls got it on last night.” Matt says. “Oh, you two getting together or what?” He asks full on. I blush right away. “Shut the fuck up.” Mat growls at him. “Chill, I was just asking.” He puts his hands up as a surrender sarcastically. “Well don’t.” He glares at Matt. An awkward atmosphere sets before Oli tries to cut the ice.

“So, want to make a move to practise then? It’s only a twenty minute drive.” He states and they nod. “The guys have already set everything up, they sent me a text earlier, so we won’t need to worry about all of that. I’ll give Jack a call and he’ll drive us there.

Venue JourneyOli, me and Jordan are in the first three back seats whilst Mat, Matt and Lee are in the three behind us. We’re all engaged in conversations as the van drives to the venue.

Mat hasn’t said one word to me, which surprises me. I thought he’d at least become friendly after last night, he gave me the implication that we were going to be, if not a couple, close friends. But instead he’s been silent, which takes me back a little. I feel like he’s ignoring me again, like when we first met.

"So, doll, got all your little equipment thingys?" Oli asks, taking my thoughts away from Mat. "Doll?” I raise my eyebrows at him. “Yes, a pet name.” Oli nods his head. “Okay. And yes - I’ve got my thingys, I don’t really use a lot, I like natural shots.” I smile. “Well, as long as you get the shots and they’re good, I don’t mind how you do it.” Jordan chuckles next to me. “Yeah, well, if it’s photos you want, it’s photos you’re going to get.” I say, I can’t wait to photograph them.

You Really Are Beautiful - Part Five - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Managed to get this done down the stables c:

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

Part Four: A Few Simple Words.

After twenty odd minutes, I’ve cried myself dry. Departing from Mat’s chest, I notice my eyeliner has rubbed off onto his white shirt. I giggle. “I’m sorry.” I apologise. “It’s fine,” He smirks. “I’ll put a new one on later.” I sit up and sort out my hair. “I must look like a mess..” I mumble. “You look fine, trust me.” He said. “But can I?” I ask wearily. “I mean, with this… You won’t tell anyone, right?” I question him. “Of course not, honestly Y/N, I won’t tell a soul. It’ll be our little secret, okay?” Before I manage to say okay, he presses his index finger on my lips. “Shh.” He smiles. “Now what do you say we go get something to eat?” He suggests. “McDonald’s?” My stomach craves the thought, but I hear the voice inside my head respond. No. Never. Disgusting. Ignoring it, I nod. “Sure thing.” He grins like a 7 year old boy.

I get up from the bed and pull on my shoes. I dare to look at my reflection in the mirror. I look horrific. Make up is smudged all around my eyes, these trousers make me look like an elephant. I can sense the voices inside my head again. “You look perfect, come on!” Mat pleads. “Fuck it.” I murmur to myself before smiling and facing the drummer. He holds out his hands and I quickly take it. I slip my door key into my pocket and we skip out the door.

Trotting down the hallway, I feel different. I’ve shown him, and he hasn’t freaked out on me, he’s just accepted it. I feel my heart smile as we hop down the two flights of stairs. Laughing with excitement, the receptionist gives us a shameful glare, but we happily make for the doorway and leave.

He turns to the car park, and unlocks a black car. I can’t really tell what it is as it’s already dark. “In you climb.” He gestures for me to get in. We both amble inside the vehicle. “I’ve never known a grown man to love McDonald’s so much.” Giggling, I look at Mat. He just shrugs. “It’s fantastic.” He begins to chuckle. My heart pounces with glee. “Hey, do you even know where McDonald’s is?” I ask him, frowning. “Yes actually, the one place I know to go in every place we go to is a McDonald’s.” He then drives out of the car park. Jokingly, I shake my head.

Soon enough, we pull up at McDonald’s and into the drive thru. Mat orders what we want, then we collect it and before we know it we’re back in his car on the road.

Sipping my chocolate milkshake, Mat faces me and gives me puppy eyes. “I want some.” He says sympathetically. “You have your own drink.” I reply, trying to look mean. “But, but that’s not chocolate milkshake, It’s banana.” He replies helplessly. “Fine.” I give in and poke his face with the straw until I get it in his mouth. He gulps it down. Adoring his face, I can’t help but smile. A few hours ago he was a guy that looked like he despised me, but now he feels like a bestfriend.

Arriving at the hotel, we take our McDonald’s back to my room. Clumsily, we sit on my bed and rummage through the bags. “Twenty nuggets and chips, all yours.” He passes the bag to me. “And a Big Mac and chips for yours truly.” He grins.

I lean over to the drawer next to my bed where my camera was. “Smile.” I say, holding it to my eyes. Through the lens, I see Mat hold up his Big Mac with a playful grin. I snap a picture, “Beautiful.” I murmur sarcastically. However, in all honesty I find him fairly attractive. “I know right.” He says as he stuffs the food into his mouth.

I place my camera back on the beside table then pick my food up from the bag. Guiltily, I stare down at the food. Don’t you dare eat it. The voice scorns. “Y/N, what’s up?” Mat asks me. “Oh nothing.” I forget what I’m thinking about and stuff some salty chips into my mouth.

Fifteen minutes later, we’ve both finished and have chucked everything in the bin. We’re sitting up and staring at a crappy tv programme. Mat switches it off, “The TV in hotels are shit.” He says. “I agree.” He shuffles up next to me, and places his left arm around me.

“So tell me.” He says. Instantly, I know what he’s talking about. “I don’t know what mean.” I reply, smile disappearing off my face. “Yes you do, Y/N, come on, explain to me why a beautiful girl like you would do that to herself.” He asks kindly, there’s no forceful tone, but he sounds genuinely intrigued.

I hesitate, should I tell him about the voices? Will he think I’m even more of a freak? Slowly, I exhale. I’ll do it.

“I hear these voices in my head.” I begin, pausing at nearly every word. I look into his eyes, he looks at me with a soft facial expression. I decide to continue. “Telling me, talking to me about how worthless and hideous I am. That I’m ugly, and fat. I’m not sure why but, but I believe them.” I stutter. “It’s stupid, I know. But, I just can’t help it. They tell me to do it, to punish myself for not being good enough.” My voice fades into a whisper. I can’t look into his eyes; I feel ashamed.

Mat holds my chin so I’m staring into his lush green eyes. “You’re beautiful, Y/N. I don’t know how I can show you that but you honestly are. I wouldn’t lie to you.” I wish I could believe him, I really do, but I just don’t. “But,” Is all that leaves my mouth before Mat cuts in. “No buts, you’re gorgeous, you’re sweet, you’re adorable. You’re you. Nobody can change that, Y/N. And that’s perfect to me. I know I barely know you, so you may find it difficult to believe me, but every word I’ve said is true.” I fall for his voice, his soothing admirable voice.

Leaning closer to his face, I can feel him breathing on my lips. I draw my attention from them to his eyes which are staring right back at me. I slip closer to him and I can feel our lips touching lightly.

Urgently, I pull my body backwards. “I’m sorry,” I look down. What a stupid move. “I didn’t mean to.” I add on. He places his hand on my cheek. “It’s fine, honestly.” He replies, smiling at me. “In fact, let’s make this a little more comfortable, shall we?” He sits up and pulls his shirt over his head. “It was dirty anyway.” He says. I’m hypnotised by his chest, tattoos decorated his smooth skin. “You don’t mind, do you?” He asks, I shake my head almost immediately. I didn’t notice him slide the quilt below me, but we both snuggle up underneath it. “This doesn’t make you feel awkward does it?” He asks me. I shake my head again and curl up against him. “No, I like it.” I reply, still adoring his chest, I softly place my hand on it. “Good.” He sighs with relief. “You really are beautiful, Y/N. I hope you believe that when I say it.” Adoringly, I smile. I was falling head over heels for this guy, who I’ve only known for one day but it feels like much longer. I lace my arms around his neck, “You’re going to have to make me believe it.” I say flirtatiously blushing. “I can do that.” He replies softly.

He leans down towards me and presses his lips against mine. Passionate, ardent and wholehearted, it is unexplainable. Our lips are connected intensely, but the it feels benevolent. I stroke his cheek gently as his hands held my waist firmly. Gradually, the kiss got lighter and lighter until our lips finally parts.

I stutter uncontrollably. “You don’t have to say anything.” He smiles at me deeply. “That was,” I’m lost for words, speechless. “Do you believe me now?” He asks with a cheeky grin on his face. “Maybe.” I feel my cheeks flushing. “You really are beautiful.” Pulling me closer to him, I rest my head on his chest to fall asleep.

Part Six: I Can’t Wait

A Few Simple Words - Part Four - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Yay, fourth part is here c: Small trigger warning, not that bad at all.

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

It’s six o’clock, so I expect the others have probably left now. Lonely, I get off of the huge double bed and over to my suitcase, I should really unpack my stuff. But before I reach it, I hear a knock on my door. I look down to what I am wearing: baggy trousers, the same vest top as earlier, and a black hoodie. I check my eyes in the mirror to make sure that my eyeliner hasn’t messed up, with a couple of wipes, it looks good as new. (Well not really - but good enough). Heading to the door, I open it curiously.

“Mat?” I say confused. He’s standing at my door. He’s who I least expected to be here. “I thought I’d come down here to see you; the guys have gone out tonight.” He says, he doesn’t sound as dull as before, moreover a kind voice. “And why aren’t you?” I ask, not meaning to sound rude. “I just don’t feel like it. Mind if I join you tonight?” He asks. “Oh, yeah, sure.” I answer, surprised. He wouldn’t even talk to me earlier, now he’s planning to sit in my room doing nothing all night?

He walks into my room and sits on my bed, I follow him and take a place next to him. Awkwardly, I move some hair out of my face. “I’d just like to say that I apologise for my attitude earlier, I’m not usually that rude. It’s just…” I interrupt him quickly. “Just what?” He rubs the back of his neck as if he’s in some sort of stress. “It’s just that I was trying to figure you out. The way you look, your eyes, your smile. You’re hiding something, I know it.” He says before sucking in his lip. I stutter. I can’t tell him, not about the cutting, not about the voices. “There’s nothing wrong.” I flap my arms around and smile weakly. “Y/N, don’t lie to me. There is something up. I know, I’m a complete stranger, but come on.” He says. My eyes sink to the floor. Is it that obvious something is wrong with me? If I tell him he’ll think I’m even more of a weirdo, a freak. Taking a firm grip to my shoulder, he makes me look him straight in the eyes. “I’m sure you’re an amazing girl, but hey, everyone has their secrets. Tell me, Y/N, please?” He asks. I’m mesmerised by his eyes, they’re a perfect shade of emerald green. I’m weakened by them, it feels as if he’s looking right into me, my feelings, my dreadful thoughts. “I…” Is all that leaves my mouth. He’s still looking deep into my eyes, but he’s taken my right hand and is cupping them with both of his. Sheepishly, I look down to my arm. He trails his eyes down to it too. His right hand reaches for my hoodie sleeve, but he looks into my eyes again, asking approval. I nod. Rolling the sleeve up, it displays a bandage with a couple of blood stains. Carefully, he unwraps it. Then there they are. Ruby red cuts are all over my defenceless arm. His left arm caresses me, pulling my body closer to his. Softly, his fingers feel over the cuts. I can’t say anything. And by he looks of it, neither can he. I look down at my own arm. I feel tears building up in my eyes. “I don’t know what to say…” I whimper. “It’s fine, Y/N.” He says kindly. Crawling back to the head of the bed, he pats next to himself. “Come on, come here.” Ashamed, I shuffle over to him, my eyes never leaving the bed sheets. Taking off my hoodie, I feel his warm arms hold me. I sniff, all I want to do is cry. “Sorry.” Is all that leaves my cracked lips.

Reassuringly, he says: “No need to be sorry, just come here.” He pulls me closer to him and kisses my forehead. I feel the warmth of his touch sink into me, yet I feel the bitterness of my feelings fight it. My head falls onto his chest and he swings both of his arms around me. A tear escapes from my eye, and another, then another. Crying, I grip the drummers body and hold him as closely as I could. Kissing my forehead again, he tells me everything will be okay.

I don’t believe it; a few simple words and I’ve spilled out everything, to a man I barely know.

Part Five: You Really Are Beautiful.

if you aren't working on it already, you should totally work on part four of the oli/merch girl one bc it's really good:)

Posting it now cx

Small Smiles - Part Three - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Just so you know, Mat is Mat Nicholls, and Matt is Matt Kean.. Hope you like it c:

Part One: Unbelievable.

Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.

Oli: Outside, sweetie x

A text from Oli flashed upon my lock screen. I jump up from my bed and review my look: ripped skinny jeans, a black vest top, converse, a leather jacket, my black hair hanging and my eyeliner neatly winged from my brown eyes. My jacket sleeves are rolled up, revealing my cuts that have been patched up with a clean bandage. I step away from the mirror and grab my suitcase after rolling my sleeve back down. Ambling through my packed up hallway, I squeeze past boxes and out through my door.

I see Oli, he’s leaning over the driver, hanging his arm out the window he’s waving. I pause, this is it, I’ll be meeting my heroes. What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m an ugly freak? Swallowing up my fear, I proceed to walk towards the van. Oli gestures for me to sit next to him, so I walk to the passenger side and he invites me in next to him. Carefully, I try to get in but I just jumble in clumsily. Great, I must look so elegant.

An Hour Later The drive here was silent, but not awkward. My stomach churned; I had so many questions, but I decided to keep quiet until I knew Oli better. We pull up outside the hotel and hop out of the van. “Let’s go inside, the guys will be waiting in the lobby, I think they only got here a little bit ago.” Oli suggests and I nod. I follow him like a lost puppy inside, walking right on his heels.

Oli pauses by the door and scans the room, we both spot the rest of the band at the same time. Butterflies swarmed in my stomach, I don’t think I’ll be able to speak. Walking me to their table, Oli introduces me to the rest of the band.

Jordan waves, “Hi.” He smiles. “Hello.” I say, feeling my cheeks burn up. Matt and Lee nod at me, so I smile sheepishly. Finally, Mat greets me with a “Sup”. His tone doesn’t seem that polite and I frown at him subtly. “One minute.” Oli remarks as he leaves me with the others. I shuffle from foot to foot awkwardly. Sitting with them, I single myself away from them all. Matt pulls my chair closer to the table. “You don’t have to be so awkward you know, we won’t bite you.” He smiles at me warmly. “I’m sorry, I just get a little nervous around new people.” I laugh, trying to hide my embarrassment. “I don’t blame you, we are pretty damn fine.” Jordan smirks. I smile; he’s exactly like I pictured.

"So, you’re a photographer?" Lee asks, starting a sturdy conversation. "It’s my hobby, really. I never really expected it to turn out into a business." I shrug. "But yes, I’m a photographer." I smile, trying to ignore the redness in my cheeks. "How long have you done it for?" Jordan asks. "Oli says what he saw was pretty good." I think back. "Well, I guess I started when I was about fifteen or sixteen." I say, relaxing. Talking about this made me feel more comfortable as I actually had something to say. "Ah, so a while." Matt says, trying to join the conversation. "Yeah, I guess." I laugh simply. "So then, when will you be taking your little photos?" Jordan asks, mimicking camera shots. "Well, I guess I’ll just follow you guys around and take snaps, if that’s alright. And obviously I’ll be around somewhere for the concert on Friday." I grin.

Stop it, you fool. The voice inside my head snapped. Immediately I stopped, and I could feel a sad look about to cover my face.

However, before I could do anything else, Oli returns from the receptionist and sat down next to me, placing keys out in front of everyone. “These are for our rooms.” He said. “Nah, really?” Lee joked and Oli shoved him, but not in a serious matter. “Let’s go to our rooms then, and get a little settled.” Oli said. “Sure thing.” A couple of the guys answered before standing up. We begun to make way to the lift but Mat still hadn’t got up, I looked at him strangely. He continued to have this dull glare that sat on his face since he first saw me, and he still hasn’t said one thing to me since I’ve been here.

I can’t help but feel eyes burning into the back of my head. Nervously, I turn around to see Mat staring at me as we walk. “…Yes?” I ask wearily. “Nothing.” He shrugs. Uneasily, I turn back to the others who are a little ahead, but I still felt his glare. I flush red and turn around again. “Do you have a problem or something?” I ask, frowning. “No.” He replies shortly and shakes his head. “Then what?” I say. “I’m just thinking.” He replies. “Oh, uh, alright.” I say, trying to shake the awkward feeling off.

Following the others, we get into the lift. As we get out on the second floor, we wander down the hallway trying to find our rooms. “Found mine.” A couple of the guys’ say. “Found mine, too.” I smile to myself, joining in and trying to fit in. Mat just heaves out a gruff as he walks past me. “Do you have a problem with me or something, Mat? Have I done something to offend you or what?” I ask him bravely, he turns around and lures over me, I feel fairly intimidated and stand back. “No.” He replies simply, but I know he’s lying. “Yeah, right.” I mutter. “It’s just something about you that’s got me thinking, that’s all.” He replies to me before he starts to walk again. I follow hopelessly. “What has?” I ask, intrigued by his thoughts. He doesn’t like me, does he? Great… Why is he being like this? What have I done? What’s he thinking about? He just shakes his head as he opens the door to his hotel room and walks in.

I walk back to mine but Oli holds me up before I open the door. “I’m sorry about Mat.” He mumbles. “Nicholls, obviously. He’s not usually like this, something must be up with him.” I half smile meaninglessly. “Eh, I figured.” I reply. However, he becomes bright eyed. “Me and the guys are going out tonight, if you’d like you could come with us? Maybe help the awkwardness? They’ll be drinks, food?” He asks politely.

Food? Look at you, you don’t need any of that. Drinks? What on earth are you celebrating for, you’re hideous. The voice growls at me. “Uh, no I’m fine thanks, I’ll chill in my room for tonight.” I say with a small smile, I open the door and enter my room.

Part Four: A Few Simple Words

I Can’t Believe It - Part Two - Unbelievable - Bring Me The Horizon

Here is part two, another one that is short, sorry. Self harm warning. Do not read if you will get triggered.

Part One: Unbelievable.

I put the key through the lock and open my door to the flat I’m renting. Dodging all of the crap in my hallway, I skip into the kitchen, still delighted that I’m going to be spending a week with my favourite band. Opening the creaking cupboard, I take out a chocolate bar and without thinking, I open the wrapper. Before it enters my mouth, the voice inside my head throws words at me. Should you really be eating that? It asks. My stomach growls. Look at yourself, you’re just going to be even more fat than you already are. The voice says again. Agreeing, I put the chocolate down and slam the cupboard door shut.

I drag my feet through the hall to my bedroom. Well I call it my bedroom, it’s just a mattress on the floor with a couple of sheets. I’m not the richest of people, this whole place is a tip. I take off my shirt and jeans, leaving me in my underwear. Planting myself in front of my mirror, I analyse my body. Sadly, I stare at my thighs and swipe my hands over my stomach. I feel my ribs trying to escape from my body. Still not skinny enough. Returning, the voice attacks me. Look at those legs, you could stop world hunger with those. It strikes again. My glance goes from my stick legs to my arm. It shows fresh cuts from the night before. Look how worthless and stupid you are. The voice says. You’ll never be good enough.

Before I know it, I’m in tears. Miserably, I cry into my cold hands. I reach for the drawer on my left, and grab my first aid kit. Rummaging through the box, I finally pull out a blade. Like a waterfall, tears run from my eyes as I stare at my reflection. I hold the blade to my scarred wrist. Do it. The voice pressures me. Blindly, I slash my wrist repeatedly. Blood weeped from the cuts, droplets of blood appeared as my skin puffed up. I looked up in the mirror, my eyeliner was washed away from my tears and all that was left was streaks of black down my eyes. Grabbing the first aid box, I pull out some cloth and wrap it tightly to my arm. I scramble onto my bed and hug pillow closely. Burying my face into it, I don’t know how long I was crying for.

An Hour Later.

My phone began to bleep, and an alert flashed into the screen. I grabbed it from my bedside table. I wiped my eyes and read the text. “Y/N, it’s Oli…” The text says with some continuation. I smile weakly at my phone.

Texts with Oli:

Oli: Y/N, it’s Oli. You’re still alright with coming with us lot for a week? 9th - 16th?

Y/N: Of course

Oli: Good good. We’ll be sending our driver, Jack, to pick you up from your place at six. I’ll most likely be coming too. Your address?

Y/N: Y/N’s Address

Oli: Thank you, doll. Now, make sure you’re all packed by then, we won’t want to be late will we? Now, just in case, here are the rest of the guys’ numbers:…

He sends me the numbers for the rest of the band. I smile as I save them. I can’t believe it, I’m going to be meeting my idols, my heroes. Most of my sadness has been wiped away by the new feeling if excitement flowing through me.

Part Three: Small Smiles.

Unbelievable - Part One - Bring Me The Horizon

I’m rewriting the fanfiction New Merchandise Girl, with a small amount of changes, you’ll be able to find the original here. The rewritten’s title is Unbelievable. I know the first part is short, sorry :c

I sat on my laptop flickering through photos before I heard the ring of the store door go. Hurrying to the door, I finally see the customer, a guy whom I recognised as soon as he was in view. He saw my face and grinned. Long, wavy, dark hair hung around his head and tattoos ventured from his sweater. His skinny legs took a step towards me and he held out his hand. Immediately, I grabbed it and shook repeatedly. “I’m Oliver Sykes.” The admirable voice said. I stuttered; I couldn’t say anything. “I’m…” Was all I could get to leave my mouth. “Y/N, at least that’s what the tag around your neck says.” He smirks. I smiled and I could feel my cheeks flush red. “Yeah, that’s me.” I finally managed to say. He chuckled, “I heard this place does professional photography?” He tilts his head inquiringly. “I wouldn’t call it that,” I say, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “But you could check my most recent photo shoot, if you’d like?” I walk him back over to the counter where my laptop sits.

Wandering behind the counter, I gesture for him to take a seat then instruct him how to work through the pictures. “Is this, that band, um..” He frowns to himself, tapping with his finger. “La Dispute.” I say the name of the band on the screen. “Ah, yes. I’ve heard they’re pretty good?” He says. “Amazing.” I grin, before trying to sound professional again. “So, why are you here?” I ask, accidentally sounding rude. “Me and my band, Bring Me The Horizon, are doing a concert soon and need to book a photographer.” He murmurs, eyes glued to the screen. Seeming mesmerised by my photography, I drift into fantasy. Is he going to ask me to be their photographer for the night? I could meet my favourite band - I could take photos of them, real, professional photos.

"Are you free?" Oli snaps me out of my fantasy. "Pardon?" I blink. "Free over the next, let’s say… Week?" He stands up from the stool. "Are you serious?" I mutter, stunned. "You better believe it, your photography is amazing. I’m sure the band and I would appreciate somebody with such talent behind the camera." He smiles warmly, making me blush. "I would love to." I say, staring at him in awe. I can’t seem to get my head around this. "We would need to snatch you soon though, like, tonight. If that would be alright with you." He chuckles harmlessly. "That would be absolutely fine with me." I say in all honesty. "Would you mind?" He asks, handing me his phone which is open on a new contact.

Taking it from his hands, I input the information before handing it back over to him. “Y/N?” He says my name, looking down to me. The way he says it makes my heart do somersaults. “That’s me.” I chirp, trying to smile whilst my knees make me weak. “Adorable name. I will text you later about all the further details, don’t worry. However, I must be getting back now.” He checks the watch on his wrist. “That’s fine.” I reply. “Goodbye, Y/N. I’ll see you later.” He nods his head before turning to the door and exiting my shop.


Part Two: I Can’t Believe It.